Wireless Functional Testing: Custom Functional Test Interface

wireless functional testingCustom printed circuit board (PCB) designs evolve with no solution complete until the testing stage is finished. Although all configurations, regardless of the industry, depend on wired or wireless functional testing, it might be beneficial to work with unique testing techniques that more fit the demands of the contract manufacturer. For a printed circuit board testing solution both during the manufacturing process and following production for quality control, several tests may be carried out. Obviously, this will also rely on the PCB’s intended use and manufacturer’s demands. While some will necessitate thorough testing for conformity verification, others will not need any further testing beyond the normal tests carried out during production.

High-end testing will be needed in several sectors like aerospace, military/defense manufacturing, government production, and medical field equipment. You will still want to make sure you employ automated test equipment with an appropriate functional test interface to guarantee the quality of your work even if your printed circuit board designs are not designated for sensitive application use. Although the contract manufacturer does not demand any specific testing, it is nevertheless advisable to be aware of the testing techniques most appropriate for the final product so you may undertake your own testing and produce noticeable changes at every level of production.

Designing Custom Test Solutions

Although there are other kinds of tests available to assess the quality of a custom printed circuit board, two primary groupings that underlie all tests. Material testing is the first in which the PCB’s actual physical characteristics are being examined to guarantee whether the rigid, flex or rigid-flex board can withstand simulated usage. Among the several techniques applied falling under the general category of material testing for a printed circuit board testing are peel testing, X-ray testing, solder testing, bend radius testing, contaminant testing, and flex testing. Like with all other tests, it is crucial to make sure the one will satisfy industry standards for an accurate projection of board quality.

Often utilized as a last stage in production, functional testing offers a pass/fail assessment of a printed circuit board testing before to contract manufacturer delivery. This test aims to confirm that the product hardware is devoid of any flaws that could compromise the intended application performance. Using either wired or wireless functional testing using automated test equipment, the printed circuit board testing must be functionally and behaviorally competent. The PCB is connected to the test equipment via a functional test interface to replicate the environment the board is supposed to be utilized in. Reliable findings can come from simple, totally functional testing.

Wireless Functional Testing

Although guaranteeing the quality of the components for the printed circuit board depends on a physical test, employing standard and bespoke wireless functional testing following manufacturing has major benefits. Simulating the operational environment of the product and verifying its correct functioning using the functional test interface helps to reduce the cost for the contract manufacturer so enabling the provision of real testing equipment for the completed good. For print circuit board designers and developers, this is a major selling feature. It saves time and money and enables businesses to launch fresh, creative ideas onto the market free from testing delays.

Furthermore improving other kinds of tests is automated test equipment for wireless functional testing, thereby giving the maker assurance that the general product is error-free. Product functionality may be tested to help create adjustments throughout the manufacturing process for more efficient production and aid to lower debugging time. Working directly with the customer or contract manufacturer, our experts may create a functional testing schedule utilizing the power supply or program loads that will assist to ensure DUT testing (device under test) operates as it should.

Designing Custom Test Solutions

EMC Technologies can assist you to meet your needs whether they relate to custom solutions for device under test (DUT) or unit under test (UUT) automated test equipment. Ordering discrete wired and wireless functional testing for printed circuit board assemblies and electronic assemblies as well as innovative RF test adapters, PCB designing, bespoke cables, and more may be done through our Fall River, MA ITAR certified store. To begin the process, either phone 508-672-0808 or utilize our online purchase form.