Wireless & Discretely Wired Fixtures: Custom Functional Test

discretely wired fixturesDepending on the industry that you serve, there will be different requirements when it comes to functional testing. Some applications require the use of wireless functional testing, while others may be better served with discretely wired fixtures. EMC Technologies works directly with each client to develop custom functional test solutions that are designed specifically for their industry. Throughout our history, we have served a mix of military, military contractor, and commercial clients, which has provided us with a wide skillset and vast array of experiences to draw on for the electronic test industry. The services that we provide are designed to deliver functional test interface equipment that can be used to test PCBs and CCAs for a wide variety of applications.

Robust, Precise, and Repeatable

In the electronic test industry, these are the words that you want to hear when someone describes the services that you provide. Robust, precise, and repeatable wired and wireless functional testing is what we strive to do for every client and project that we work on at our facility. We take pride in the quality and dependability of our discretely wired fixtures and wireless custom functional test solutions, as well as the loyal customers that we have earned over the years. We firmly believe that it is our experience that makes the difference, as well as our continued investment in technology, training, and recruitment of the industry’s best and brightest talent. Our team has gained essential knowledge and understanding of what it takes to provide testing solutions for the various industries that we serve.

We offer our customers solutions that include mobile, computer, universal, and test-specific stations based on their unique needs and requirements. We have learned that the more we are able to get involved in the early phases of development, the better results we can provide for our clients. Some of the services we provide include co-developing hardware and software, creating unique solutions for new testing requirements to meet time, test, and cost constraints. By expanding the options that we provide to our clients, we are able to serve them in a way that best meets their needs and expectations. Our test stations are designed to be set up to provide precise testing solutions with expansion capabilities to make them even more cost-effective for similar product types and configurations.

Discretely Wired Fixtures

Performance verification of circuit card assemblies (CCAs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), and electronic assemblies (EAs) requires knowledge and experience to create wireless functional testing and discretely wired fixtures solutions. Our cutting-edge radiofrequency test adapters, PCB designs, and manufacturing, unit under testing (UUT) solutions, and more are just some of the reasons why we have earned a solid reputation for the development of custom functional test solutions. We offer product testing at first manufacture, during its life cycle, or as part of ongoing functional testing and calibration checks. We can design and manufacture everything in-house in our fully-equipped machine shop, which includes CNC milling centers, knee-mills, lathes, drilling equipment, sheet metal brakes, and more.

We even offer spring-loaded contact solutions for custom test requirements, as well as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) product applications. Our team can provide complete in-house design services for Speccon, Incorporated, specialized manufacturing of custom spring-loaded contacts and receptacles. Our extensive industry experience in the field of ATE has helped us to become adept at developing unique solutions for all of your contracting problems. Whether you require prototyping or production quantities, we can ensure that you will get all of the top-quality, outstanding service, and prompt delivery that you have come to expect from EMC Technologies.

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