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Universal Test Station Solutions for Functional Test Systems

universal test station systemsThe equipment and technology used for functional testing are highly customized and unique, based on the demands of the industry and the requirements of the products that they test. Depending on the situation, test systems and integration solutions can be standalone or rack-based to provide adaptable, flexible, and cost-effective options for the manufacturer. Our clients come to use for design and build services of universal test station and mobile test station solutions, based on their specific requirements. Functional test fixtures, interface test adapters, and other components can all be custom-selected to meet the needs of the testing criteria.

The Basic Components of a Test System

When it comes to test systems and integration for functional testing, there are a few standard components that must be included. The physical cabinet that is used to house all of the other components can be benchtop or rack-based, depending on the industry and the needs of the client. The interface test adapters, which are used to directly interface with the device that is going to be tested and the cables that are used to connect all of the instruments, monitors, and processing units are also required. In addition, the software that is used works as the actual operating system for the testing system. The hardware includes the power supplies, instrumentation, and loads for the product, which depend solely on the parameters that will be tested on the product in question.

To meet the challenges and demands posed by our clients concerning designing and manufacturing test systems and integration solutions based on their unique specifications, EMC Technologies offers a wide range of options. Mobile test station options, which are extremely cost-effective and easily adaptable offer solutions for both complicated and high-volume testing. Depending on the industry, a mobile test station can offer solutions for rigorous validation and acceptance testing based on specified requirements, as well as a wide range of other test solutions to meet the demands of the client. Modular electrical and mechanical interfaces, as well as designed-in expansion areas that feature easy-to-use adapter panels and plates, help our customers to maximize the benefits of these solutions.

Benefits of Universal Test Stations

Compared to the options available with mobile test station systems, the universal test station provides testers with the opportunity to expand the capabilities of the solution and reduce the cost for future testing of similar product types and configurations. A universal test station offers precise test solutions, which can be easily interchanged and calibrated for consistent, repeatable results. A front slide-out rack shelving allows for easy instrument removal, the center fixture receiver backplane is interchangeable with other fixtures, and soft tie downs and organized wire harnessing makes it easy to quickly access and expand the system, based on changing needs.

Test-specific stations can be used with the universal test station to offer specific features and options for comprehensive test systems and integration opportunities. Choose from a wide range of features, including EMI, RF, and EMC compliant test stations, various interface test adapters designed for specific testing requirements, and sensor stations for video, non-contact, infra-red, laser, and barcode testing. Our project managers work to provide communication and coordination between each client and our various department to ensure a smooth and efficient solution designed to exceed your expectations. From sales to testing, each member of our team receives continuous training to ensure that they are experienced in the ever-changing technologies of the functional test industry.

Why Choose EMC for Functional Test Solutions

When you partner with EMC Technologies for your custom functional test needs, we work closely with you every step of the way to achieve all of your goals and meet all test challenges. We take pride in the many clients that have continued to choose EMC for all of their functional testing needs. We have grown and increased our investment in the necessary equipment, technology, and skills to stay ahead of the curve and the latest technological advances. If you would like to learn more about our universal test station, mobile test station, interface test adapters, and test systems and integration solutions, give us a call at 508-672-0808. We can answer any questions that you might have and help you develop a solution that is perfect for your needs.