universal test station optionsEach industry that we serve has different requirements, demands, and regulations that they must meet in order to produce a successful, safe, and viable end product. At EMC Technologies, we take pride in being able to create solutions that precisely meet these demands to help our clients stay on the cutting edge of development while protecting their brand. Mobile test station and universal test station options are available to provide a wide range of test solutions. Some are designed to be more flexible, offering multiple solutions and opportunities to reduce costs for functional test fixtures and industry testing requirements. Others are designed to be more precise or robust for specific testing solutions, while still offering options for the testing of similar product types and configurations.

Industry Test Systems and Integration Needs

While we work with a wide range of industries at EMC Technologies, our team is particularly experienced and well-versed at identifying the needs and achieving the demands of telecommunications, medical, semiconductor, satellite TV/IP, network, avionics, military and defense clients. For example, data and telecommunications industries will often require our team to design and manufacture highly flexible test solutions that can be easily adapted to both complicated and high-volume testing. They want cost-effective solutions that will help them to perform a wide range of test solutions effectively and efficiently.

Other industries, such as medical and semiconductor, require more rigorous validation and acceptance testing for parts, components, and sub-assemblies that come from their suppliers to ensure that they match or exceed their own internal or industry-based requirements. We work to co-develop hardware and software simultaneously to ensure that we meet all test, time, and cost restraints for the client. Mobile test station solutions are computer-based and allow our clients to save money with built-in computer and monitor and test interfaces to maximize the use of “off the shelf” parts and components. Universal test station options offer more precision, capabilities for expansion, and offer features that are designed to support specific needs for functional test fixtures in the lab or on the production line.

The Universal Test Station

Comparing a mobile test station solution to a universal test station might sound simple. However, there are many distinct differences and very few similarities, making a true comparison challenging. Beyond the fact that they both serve as a test station to facilitate the functional test fixtures and testing requirements of the client, each offers its own distinct advantages. A universal test station typically features designed-in fast access to all inside resources and a front slide-out rack shelving that allows for easy instrument removal. This is beneficial to the client in many ways, providing the means for frequent calibration and the ability to interchange the station with other functional test fixtures.

In addition, the center fixture receiver backplane fixture is designed to also be interchangeable. Each part, type, or family uses small personality “daughter” cards to effectively interface with the test station. We utilize soft tie downs and organized wire harnessing to provide the means for rapid access or expansion to switch testing parameters for similar product types and configurations. Test-specific stations can also be designed and created for our clients with a wide range of features, including EMI, RF, and EMC compliant test stations, Halt/Hass stations, thermal hoods, and plenum interface distribution systems, or active and passive electronic loads and load simulators. We can also work with mechanical only holding, clamping, or multi-axis stations, video non-contact, infra-red, laser, and barcode sensor stations, as well as integrated electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic stations to best meet the needs of our clients.

Universal or Mobile Test Station Solutions

Whichever you need to meet the demands and requirements of your industry, EMC Technologies can help you to achieve those goals. We can work with you to provide either a mobile test station or universal test station for your functional test fixtures to allow for cost-effective, efficient, and adaptable solutions. We understand that quality control, safety, and budget are all essential to the success of your experience with the electronic test industry, and we strive to meet all of the requirements for each client as an individual. If you would like to learn more about EMC Technologies and our solutions for commercial and custom functional test fixtures and test stations, give us a call at 508-672-0808. We can answer any questions that you might have about our services or connect you with a sales engineer who can help you get started with a testing solution.