Unit Under Test Solutions: Custom Functional Test Fixtures

unit under test solutions for custom functional test fixturesWhen it comes to the design and manufacture of test fixture solutions for industry, it is essential to understand the different aspects and unique requirements of each object that can be tested. Sometimes known as a unit under test (UUT), device under test (DUT), or equipment under test (EUT), depending on who you are talking to or the industry that is being served, functional test fixtures are used to determine performance and verify safety, as well as other specific types of testing. Commonly used across many different industries to ensure the function of a manufactured product or component, at EMC Technologies, we serve military, defense, aerospace, military subcontractor, and commercial clients. Some of the commercial work that we have done includes consumer electronics, telecommunications, networking, computer servers, satellite TV/IP, and medical industry products.

Custom Test Fixture Solutions

Our team of experienced and highly trained engineers and technicians works with each client to determine their unique requirements for function test fixtures. We take pride in our ability to work directly with each customer to develop custom unit under test solutions to meet all of their time, environment, speed, and testing demands. Some of the challenges that we have helped our clients to overcome include smaller targets, faster speeds, increased outsourcing compliance, and new technologies. The sooner we can start working with the client to assist in the development of test fixture solutions, the easier it is to create custom options designed specifically for their needs for prototyping, production testing, and functional verification.

Mobile test solutions, universal test rack options, and even test-specific wireless test fixtures can be designed according to the specifications of the client. Mobile test solutions offer many benefits, including easy adaptability, built-in network, and fiber optic capabilities, expansion areas, and quick access to all resources for the purpose of creating cost-effective, flexible, and adaptable solutions for custom testing. Some of the industries that we serve with this type of functional test fixtures solutions include networking tools, telecommunications devices, personal electronics, and more. Universal test stations can offer more precise test solutions and capabilities, reducing costs for clients who require similar product type testing with comparable configurations. Test-specific solutions can focus on EMI, RF, and EMC compliant testing, as well as many other options.

How Do Unit Under Test Solutions Work?

Most of the functional test fixtures that we develop for clients consist of a central device that is used to communicate with the UUT or DUT, depending on the industry that is being served. This includes unit under test solutions that must be adapted for use with radiofrequency (RF) circuit assemblies to accomplish specialized RF testing for industry. Test fixture solutions for UUT verification will often feature specific testing for a particular device, component, or subcomponent. This allows the manufacturer to perform testing at any phase during production or as a final check once the manufacturing process is completed. We provide discretely wired and wireless test fixtures for clients with many different needs, including verifying outsourced parts and components following repairs or during production.

A power supply is also typically required for UUT and DUT testing, and our engineers can design in any loads that are necessary to allow for unit function correction during the test process. Our goal is to provide each client with custom functional test fixtures that deliver accurate and repeatable results. Reliability is crucial when it comes to testing products to protect the company brand, reputation and to keep end-users safe during operation. A custom functional test is often designed to work with the consumer-specific connectors and environmental constraints necessary for the intended end-use of the finished product. Many of our clients come to EMC Technologies for custom unit under test solutions because there are no standard testing options available to them.

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