The Electronic Test Industry Role in Performance Verification

electronic test industryMany different industries rely on the services provided by the electronic test industry to verify the performance of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and circuit card assemblies (CCAs). Printed circuit board testing and CCA performance verification are tested through the use of signals which are sent to the unit or device under test. The responses are captured and checked to determine the functionality of the device. The electronic test industry is more essential than ever due to demand increases in nearly every industry, including telecommunications, aerospace, defense, electronics, healthcare, automotive, and more. At EMC Technologies, we provide our clients with custom test fixture solutions designed to meet or exceed their specifications and industry requirements.

Examples of the Electronic Test Industry in Action

Specific industries require more advanced CCA performance verification and printed circuit board testing than others. Our custom test fixture solutions are designed according to the unique demands of each client that we serve. Having such a wide variety of demanding customers and challenging products has enabled us to stay current with the latest testing advancements to provide better services to our clients. Some of the areas that we are most proficient in include RF test fixtures, test racks, tight tolerances, high speeds, and temperature. Smaller targets, faster speeds, new technologies, and increased company outsourcing are just some of the challenges that we face together with our valued clients.

Some of the ways that test fixture solutions are used to accurately test and measure equipment performance include refining and improving diagnostic testing to expedite treatments in the medical field and improving the functionality and safety of machines, including automobiles, aircraft, and other essential equipment. Custom functional testing is significant to the electronics industry, as it is crucial for validating and analyzing the performance of electrical and electronic devices, including batteries and semiconductors. Safety testing is required to avoid potential health hazards and damage. We work with each client to ensure that the custom solutions we create will help them to achieve their goals and create a safe and effective product.

Specialized Test Fixture Solutions

Radiofrequency RF testing is necessary to assist in the validation of wireless communications standards and Wi-Fi to new and unique applications. Autonomous driving and driverless vehicles are still experimental, yet advanced testing is required to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians. Automotive radar, collision avoidance, target simulation, and advanced Wi-Fi standards are all essential to the success of this growing industry. High-speed testing is used more frequently due to increased demand by new standards for telecommunications and computer server networking. The release of 5G means increased testing for devices and other related technologies.

Aerospace, military, and defense industries continue to be a significant portion of the clients that we serve at EMC Technologies. Increased complexity and variation in the systems that serve these markets have resulted in more demand for CCA performance verification and printed circuit board testing that is flexible, scalable, accurate, and repeatable to solve the challenges that are highly present in this industry. Overcoming issues regarding validation and verification, capture and analysis, and ongoing performance throughout the life of the technology is something that we face together with our clients and work to improve.

Partner with EMC Technologies

We are proud to have earned the long-term business of many clients over the years. Our customers consider our team to be a partner in their test challenges, and we take pride in the continued loyalty that we have received. We intend to be prepared for future challenges in this ever-changing industry by listening to our customers’ needs, seeking and developing the best talent available, and by continuing to invest in technological advances. Get a FREE estimate for your next project, whether that means custom test fixture solutions or specialized radiofrequency CCA performance verification. Contact EMC Technologies direct by calling 508-672-0808. We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified and ITAR registered to best meet the needs of our clients. Call today and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales engineers about your needs. We can answer any questions you might have and assist you in meeting all of the requirements necessary to achieve your goals.