The Advantages of Getting a Build to Print Machined Prototype

build to print services for manufacturingAlthough EMC Technologies is best recognized for its ability to develop and manufacture wired and wireless specialized functional test equipment, the company offers a great deal more to its clientele. Our machine shop is capable of a wide range of services, including build to print machined prototype design and production. In order to achieve higher quality control during manufacturing, combining prototyping services with machining and metal fabrication can be quite beneficial. Built to print manufacturing has various benefits, including facilitating the easy, efficient, and consistent creation of parts over multiple production runs.

Custom Prototyping Services

Our prototypes services have been used by a wide range of clients who are looking to improve their production efficiency. We have a fully equipped electro-mechanical assembly department in addition to a machining and metal fabrication shop that is equipped with computer numerically controlled milling centers, knee-mills, lathes, drilling equipment, sheet metal brakes, and other machinery to handle small and short-run production. We have designed and manufactured test adapters for LRUs on commercial jets and military equipment, as well as developed solutions for other commercial clients, using our build to print machined prototype services. Either a complex build to print machined prototype or a simple engineering-services-and-assembly-free “turn-key” project is feasible with our help.

Built to print manufacturing is appealing to many different industries because it guarantees higher levels of uniformity. The client can supply a single set of specs to multiple manufacturers, and each will use those standards to produce the identical things. Using a build to print machined prototype, businesses can coordinate with manufacturers all over the world without worrying about whether or not preexisting pieces will fit into the final product. These prototyping services are highly helpful for making models, replacement parts, and spare parts because of the uniformity, better interoperability, and other benefits they provide. At our plant in Southeastern Massachusetts, we are able to manufacture a wide variety of machined components, from relatively simple items to highly complex ones with extremely precise tolerances.

Prototypes and Functional Testing for Industry

Built to print machined prototypes can be developed by EMC Technologies’ in-house engineering and design team, or a prototype can be made according to the customer’s exact specifications using EMC Technologies’ prototyping services. Our staff of highly trained and competent engineers and technicians is here to help you every step of the way, unlike many manufacturers who throw the responsibility for selecting the precise production methods and parameters on the customer. For optimal outcomes, in production and functional testing for industry, it is crucial that our project manager work closely with you and your team. Once the product’s design and specifications have been finalized, the manufacturing instructions can be made available in a print-ready format for usage in a factory setting.

In order to guarantee that the components or parts ordered will fulfill the needs of the customer, it is crucial to check that the manufacturer is following the provided instructions. Prototyping services that are “built to print” can be quite useful, as they provide a low-cost way to produce identical and trustworthy components. Having a completed set of plans to work from can reduce the possibility of design discrepancies across manufacturers. Because of the increased consistency across all production channels, this strategy can help enhance component interoperability. This can aid companies in creating a more consistent visual identity for their brand. As a full-service design and engineering firm, EMC Technologies considers all aspects of a project, including its interfaces, tolerances, environmental limits, mounting needs, dimensions, and packages, before beginning work.

Build to Print Machined Prototype at EMC Technologies

Get in touch with us today to discuss your prototyping needs and learn more about our build to print machined prototype services. To make sure you get the services and support you require for your project, we can answer any questions you may have regarding the work we do in our machining and metal fabrication shop. Reach out to one of our sales engineers about your interest in EMC Technologies by dialing 508-672-0808 right away. We are able to help you with practically any project because we are ITAR-registered and ISO 9001:2015-certified.