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Sales, Design, Engineering & Testing of Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board TestingEMC Technologies provides a lot of services for clients across many different technology-based businesses. Telecommunications, medical industry, networking, computer servers, satellite TV/IP, military, and defense, just to name a few. Our team works to design and manufacture discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures that are used for performance verification in the printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic assemblies. We can create a mobile test station or universal test station, depending on the client’s needs.

However, we are also extremely proficient in the design, engineering, and testing of printed circuit board (PCB) for commercial applications. Our printed wiring boards (PWBs) and PCBs are created to accommodate requirements from a simple double-sided design to a more complex multi-layer design. So while we create functional test fixtures that are used to test PCBs, are can also work with clients to engineer custom solutions for printed circuit board options that can be used to meet their unique demands. Our diverse portfolio of clients has helped us to stay current with the latest development and testing requirements.

The Growth of the Industry

Much has changed in the world of the printed circuit board. Before PCB circuits were constructed, technicians were forced to create point-to-point wiring solutions that took forever to make and were known for having frequent failures at wire junctions when the insulation on the wire would age and crack. The advent of wire wrapping became a much more durable and easily changeable option. However, as electronics further advanced and demands increased, the industry was pressured to reduce the size and cost of manufacturing electronic products. As a result, the printed circuit board was invented.

The printed circuit board is a board that contains lines and pads that are used to connect various points together. A PCB provides the means for signals and power to be routed effectively between physical devices. The metal used to make the electrical connections is called solder. It is used between the surface of the printed circuit board and the electronic components of the device. Solder is a strong mechanical adhesive and provides many advantages to the overall design of the PCB. At EMC Technologies, we create custom printed circuit board solutions for our clients in addition to the functional test fixtures required to provide performance verification for the completed PCBs.

The EMC Tech Advantage

Our facility in Fall River, Massachusetts includes a fully-equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department. Our state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled technicians are capable of managing even the most demanding requirements. Our team includes mechanical, electrical, and printed circuit board engineers and technicians. They are all trained to work with the latest design tools, techniques, and equipment. Even our sales team includes sales engineers, applications engineers, and technical project managers to provide us with the knowledge and experience necessary to better meet the requirements of our clients from start to finish.

Our project managers work to coordinate communications between all of the engineers, technicians, and testing department employees to provide our clients with a single point of contact for the entire process. Everything from the initial sales to design, engineering, and testing work together effectively and efficiently to deliver satisfaction to each client that we serve. We work hard at EMC Technologies to ensure that every single member of our team, from the sales department to final testing, receives ongoing and continuous training to ensure that they stay on top of the ever-changing technologies that are required to excel in today’s electronic testing industry.

Planning for the Future

Another advantage of working with our team is that our clients consider EMC Tech to be a partner in their test challenges. From the development of printed circuit board (PCB) designs to functional test fixtures, mobile test station, and universal test station engineering, we take pride in the loyalty that our customers have had with us throughout the years. Some of the challenges that we have faced together and will continue to hit head-on as the technology further evolves include smaller targets, faster speeds, and new technologies.

Our goal is to prepare for the future by continuing to listen to our customers’ needs while striving to seek and develop the best talent available. EMC Technologies will continue to invest in technological advances so we will be ready to meet the demands of our clients. To learn more about our options for functional test fixtures and printed circuit board design or to speak with one of our engineers about your project, give us a call at 508-672-0808.