test systems and integrationThe diverse requirements for test solutions between industries means learning how to make strategic changes and create flexible options that will be cost-effective and easily adaptable for the client. Our customers who serve the medical and semiconductor industries often require test systems and integration solutions that offer rigorous validation and acceptance testing. This is used to ensure that the parts, components, and products they receive from their suppliers match or exceed their own internal requirements. Networking and telecommunications customers require solutions that can be used in multiple ways, for simple and complex testing, as well as for high-volume testing during production.

Some of the ways that we help to meet these goals for our clients is to co-develop the hardware and software simultaneously to help meet all of their time, test, and cost demands. Mobile test station options for unit under test solutions and PCB test fixtures for circuit card assemblies are computer-based and feature modular electrical and mechanical interfaces. Which solution is right for you and your needs? The more you can work with our team to create a custom test solution that will meet all of your development, prototype, and production testing requirements, the easier it will be to exceed expectations with the finished result. EMC Technologies partners with our clients in their test challenges. Smaller targets, new technologies, faster speeds, and increased outsourcing are just a few of the areas that we help them to address through custom test systems and integration solutions.

Key Features of a Mobile Test Station

Clients who are looking for a method for verification of PCB test fixtures and circuit card assemblies often appreciate the maximized use of “off the shelf” components and parts in mobile test station solutions. We can offer a wide range of custom features, depending on your needs. Built-in network and fiber optic capabilities, designed expansion areas with easy-to-use adapter panels and plates, plus designed-in quick access to all inside resources, makes it easy to create cost-effective and adaptable solutions for custom testing. Consumer products, personal electronics, telecommunications devices, networking tools, satellite TV/IP, and other industries will frequently take advantage of the benefits associated with mobile test station test systems and integration.

Making the transition from benchtop testing to a rack-based station can offer the user many advantages. In these industries, particularly in the fast-growing area of smartphone design and development, new products must often share the same test resources as legacy counterparts. The purpose of this is to decrease test costs and overhead while also improving test development times. Instead of waiting for a brand new custom test solution, our clients take advantage of the ability to make changes to electrical and mechanical interfaces through a well-organized and documented station wiring and configuration set-up in our mobile test station solutions. You can learn more about the benefits of test systems and integration for the unit under test solutions and other functional testing operations by contacting our team of engineers and technicians directly.

Key Features of a Universal Test Station

Compared to mobile test solutions, the universal test station has the unique ability to provide more precise test solutions, expansion capabilities, and even reduce costs for clients who need to test similar product types with comparable configurations. However, there are some complementary features that are shared between the mobile and universal test station solutions, such as designed-in fast access to all inside resources and elements included to quickly adapt testing to meet changing industry requirements and regulations. Features that are unique to the universal test station include the use of LabVIEW software via IEEE 477 buss for test instrument communication, and the ability to create test-specific stations, such as EMI, RF, and EMC compliant testing, Halt/Hass stations, and integrated electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic stations.

Other key features include a center fixture backplane that can be interchanged with other fixtures, as well as soft tie-downs and organized wire harnessing for rapid expansion and access requirements. A front slide-out rack shelving design allows for easy instrument removal for frequent calibration, and each party type or family uses small personality “daughter” cards to interface with the test station. Additional test-specific opportunities are available as well, including the use of thermal hoods and plenum interface distribution systems, active and passive electronic loads and load simulators, and product and component handler and motion stations. Clients can choose mechanical-only holding, clamping, and multi-axis stations, as well as video non-contact options, such as infra-red, laser, and barcode sensor stations, depending on their needs.

Contact our team at 508-672-0808 to speak with one of our experienced engineers about your unique needs and requirements. Whether you require testing for circuit card assemblies, PCB test fixtures, or unit under test solutions, you can count on EMC Technologies to create the custom test systems and integration you need to achieve your goals. Call today to get started or use our online contact form to reach out to one of our sales engineers.