Test Systems and Integration for Functional Test Solutions

test systems and integrationOne of the services that we provide our customers to support their needs for functional test fixtures is to create custom solutions for test systems and integration. The goal is to meet the requirements of the specific test, as well as to offer opportunities to deliver adaptive testing for similar products in the future. This helps to maximize the return on investment, particularly for clients who serve industries that are continually advancing, evolving and changing. Custom functional testing can be helpful in a wide range of situations; however, some clients can use functional test solutions that are more generic based on industry regulations and demands.

One example of this is the telecommunications industry, which requires test solutions to be highly flexible. These custom functional testing solutions should be easily adaptable and need to work with complicated testing situations and high-volume testing during production. Other industries have different needs, such as the medical and semiconductor industries, which demand rigorous validation and acceptance testing to ensure that the parts, components, and products they receive from their suppliers match or exceed their internal requirements. In some cases, the hardware and software are co-developed simultaneously to meet constraints related to time, test, and cost.

Mobile Test Station Solutions

One of the most popular functional test solutions for test systems and integration is the mobile test station. The mobile computer-based test stations developed here at EMC Technologies provides clients with a wide range of test solutions at efficient costs. Some of the key features associated with the mobile test station include modular electrical and mechanical interfaces, maximized use of off the shelf parts and components to keep costs down, and built-in computers, monitors, and test interfaces to support the specific needs of custom functional testing. Other features include a very well-organized and documented station wiring with configurations for easy adaption and designed-in expansion areas with easy-to-use adapter panels and plates.

There are many advantages associated with choosing a mobile test station operation for functional test fixtures. Mobile test stations work to maximize the use of the test floor area and provide quick and easy access to all inside resources for expansion and adaptation, as needed. Transitioning from benchtop testing to a rack-based station for test systems and integration provides the user with many advantages. Because new products must often share the same test resources as their legacy counterparts, a mobile test station solution allows changes to be made to meet the unique demands at an ever-decreasing cost. In addition, by being able to adapt and change the testing parameters to meet the needs of successor products, test development times can be rapidly decreased.

Universal Test Station Solutions

On the other hand, some industries and production models can benefit even greater through the use of universal test station solutions. Businesses that are seeking more precise test solutions with options for expansion capabilities that can be used for similar product types and configurations might be a perfect fit for this model. Some of the key features associated with the universal test station for custom functional testing includes a front slide-out rack shelving design, which provides easy removal of instruments and allows for frequent calibration, as well as designed-in fast access to all inside resources. Everything is assembled using soft tie-downs and features organized wire harnessing, which can aid in rapid access or expansion requirements to meet the needs of the test.

A center fixture receiver backplane is interchangeable with other fixtures, and each part type or family uses small “daughter” personality cards to interface with the test station. EMC Technologies designs test systems and integration solutions that utilized LabVIEW software via IEEE 488 buss for test instrument communication, and there are many options available for test-specific stations. Some of those station options include testing for temperature and vibration via Halt/Hass, thermal hoods and plenum interface distribution systems, and product and component handler and motion stations. Clients can choose specialized options, including EMI, RF, and EMC compliant test stations, or create mechanical-only holding, clamping, or multi-axis stations to meet their unique requirements.

Test Systems and Integration

Contact EMC Technologies direct to see our Test Systems and Integration solutions in action through demonstration videos on our website or in-person. Our team can help you with all of your functional test solutions needs. We can match you with functional test fixtures based on the industry that you serve and the requirements that must be met or create custom functional testing opportunities that can be used for unique or groundbreaking product and functional testing. Call today at 508-672-0808 to speak with one of our sales engineers about your needs for functional testing solutions.