Test Systems and Integration: Custom Full Service Machine Shop

test systems and integrationClients looking to create and produce functional test solutions for industry can choose from a variety of options at EMC Technologies. We provide mechanical design and build-to-print services, using knowledge of hardware packaging and layout in the construction of your test systems and integration design. Our team can provide engineering design and services for MIL-standard and commercial applications, including radiofrequency (RF) shielded interface test adapters (ITAs) designed to isolate UUTs from electromagnetic interference, wireless and discretely wired interface test adapters (ITAs) and circuit card assemblies (CCAs), electronic unit under test (UUT) assemblies, and much more. We take great satisfaction in the enduring devotion of our clients, who view EMC Tech as a partner in solving their unique functional test difficulties.

Universal or Mobile Test Station Options

Addressing problems like smaller targets and faster speeds is one of the difficulties we take on in the development of test systems and integration for functional test solutions with our clients. By paying attention to our customers’ demands, seeking out and developing the greatest talent the market has to offer, and continuing to invest in technical advancements, we are prepared to confront these difficulties as technology develops and improves. Our cutting-edge facility in Southeast Massachusetts has an electro-mechanical assembly department and a fully stocked machine shop that can handle the most demanding requirements. The most recent design tools and equipment are used by our team of mechanical, electrical, and printed circuit board (PCB) engineers and specialists.

New and evolving technology for a number of sectors as well as greater corporate outsourcing are other issues that we have helped with and continue to build unique test solutions for. We have a thorough awareness of the standards that our clients must uphold in order to guarantee outcomes that are affordable, easily adaptable, dependable, and repeatable. At EMC Technologies, we have particular expertise in testing that is intricate, large-scale, and product-specific. While customers in the semiconductor and medical industries expect thorough validation and acceptance testing to verify that their suppliers meet or surpass their own internal criteria, the telecommunications and data business frequently needs very adaptable solutions. According to the requirements of the customer, mobile, computer-based test stations and test-specific solutions can be created for specialized functional test services.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

To guarantee the finest possible custom test solutions, our team collaborates with each customer to determine their specific needs and expectations. We consider the environment, user, and goals as well as the intended end-use of each part, product, or component while providing functional test solutions to our clients. We can make the most of commercially available parts and components, give designed-in quick access to all internal test system resources, and offer extension areas for more flexible solutions to assist meet schedule and financial needs. To provide faster test development times and to optimize return on investment, benchtop and rack-based test equipment and integration can be offered. For comparable product kinds and configurations, universal test stations can provide exact test solutions, expansion options, and lower prices.

Our company creates and produces discreetly wired and wireless functional test interface tools to test PCBs and CCAs for a range of applications. Innovative solutions for satellite TV/IP, computer servers, networking, telecommunications, and more are some of our most recent commercial projects. We are immensely proud of the work we’ve done for our military clients and military subcontractor clients, including the creation of highly specialized ITAs to support military missile and airplane projects. We firmly think that we are able to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to the most recent testing developments since we serve such a diverse range of demanding clients and work on difficult goods. High speed, temperature, test racks, tight tolerance, and RF test fixtures are just a few of our specialties.

Full Service Machine Shop

Call our staff at 508-672-0808 if you’re interested in learning more about our industry-specific custom test solutions. Any queries you may have regarding our functional test solutions, test systems, integration, or specialized services for industry may be addressed by us. Our cross-functional engineering team, which consists of a skilled and knowledgeable group of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and PCB designers, is our strength and competitive advantage.