radiofrequency test solutionsWho would have guessed just 20 years ago how much industries would rely on radiofrequency (RF) technology? From consumer goods like smartphones, GPS, and satellite services to industry solutions like telecommunications, aerospace, and military defense contractors, radiofrequency testing has grown by leaps and bounds. Specialized test solutions for products and components used in RF development continues to drive development and production in the private and public sectors. It is hard to imagine just how far we will advance in another 20 years or more, as there is no sign of slowing in demand for advanced RF technologies. At EMC Technologies, we serve a wide variety of clients who are all striving to get the latest in radiofrequency innovation. Listening to consumer demands, keeping an eye on developing trends, and staying up on the latest technologies helps our team of engineers and technicians to stay ahead of the curve.

What We Do

Our design team at EMC Technologies has worked with clients since our inception to develop a variety of RF test adapters and test stations for RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. The techniques and strategies that we use to create these designs include a complete six-sided metal enclosure that is sealed with electro-magnetic interference (EMI) shielded gaskets and radiofrequency testing silicone to isolate the unit under test (UUT) from interference. Our designs have also incorporated a variety of other features, which have proven to be useful to our clients. Semi-rigid triple-shielded coax tensolite cables and rigid coax cables characterized by lab can be created by our skilled team of technicians in-house to meet the unique requirements and specification demands of our customers.

SubMiniature Version A (SMA) and Bayonet Neill-Concelman (BNC) connectors, printed circuit board (PCBs) fabricated with Rogers Material, RF rotary switches, RF power sensors and coax switches, and matched impedance traces in the PCB design are also some of the other options available for radiofrequency testing specialized test solutions. Our team has also designed and built custom wage adapters for the many RF applications that we have undertaken. Many years of experience working with military, defense, and military sub-contractors for the development of discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures used for verification of circuit card assemblies (CCAs) and electronic assemblies (EAs) have helped us to stay current with the latest industry demands. CCA performance verification and unit under test (UUT) product testing throughout design, development, and manufacture are instrumental in the production success of our clients.

The 5G Revolution

One of the most significant developments in the field of radiofrequency testing has been the coming changes associated with 5G technology. This will bring a whole host of new consumer expectations for both performance and speed, requiring advances to be made in the area of specialized test solutions. As technology continues to grow in the area of telecommunications and networking, the demand for data will continue to rise and eventually pushout low-bandwidth ranges. While everyone is very excited right now about the potential advantages of 5G technology, make no mistake that at some near point in the future, even that won’t be enough. The continued need for smaller, faster, more productive smartphones and mobile devices will pave the way into the future.

Military, aerospace and satellite applications are also developing at a rapid pace. CCA performance verification and a need for custom RF test adapters will continue to grow. The demand for advancement in the areas of military radiofrequency testing and microwave technology has already begun to increase. Specialized test solutions are already being used to keep up with the use of electromagnetic and directed energy for EW technology. Sophisticated abilities in military and aerospace technology require more than mere weapons, using RF devices and tools to do everything from jamming enemy frequencies and communications to suppressing radar and much more. Advanced RF solutions for satellite communications is also continuing to increase demand.

EMC Technologies: Radiofrequency Testing and Beyond

The future of specialized test solutions and the demand for radiofrequency testing and RF test adapters continues to grow. Where will we be 10, 20, or 30 years into the future? No one can predict for sure, but EMC Technologies will continue to grow alongside the needs of our clients to stay ahead of the curve and product custom test solutions designed to meet their unique requirements and industry regulations. If you are interested in learning more about the products and services we provide, give us a call at 508-672-0808. We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified and ITAR registered to meet all of your industry needs for specialized test solutions.