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Technology Trends: Universal and Mobile Test Station Systems

mobile test station systemsThe clients that we serve are facing changes within their respective industries that require them to adapt and create custom functional test fixtures to validate the products, systems, and components that they manufacture for their customers. As a result, EMC Technologies must also adapt and expand our knowledge to create discretely wired, wireless, and in-circuit test fixtures based on those changing demands. Test stations, systems, and integration is an area where we have a lot of experience. Some clients require mobile test station or universal test station options, while others require test-specific stations. The industry that they serve and changes in government regulations, industry requirements, and their own in-house standards are what is driving these latest technology trends.

The EMC Technologies Difference

What separates the test industry services we provide from our competitors is our ability to serve our clients. Our project managers work to serve as a coordination and communication link between all of our departments, including sales, design, engineering, and testing, to create a single point of contact for better customer satisfaction. Every single member of our team from the sales department all the way through to testing receives continuous training to ensure that they are experts on the ever-changing technology trends that are inherent in the industry.

Our customers consider EMC Technologies to be a partner in their testing challenges, and we take great pride in the loyalty that we have earned from them over the years. As demands, needs, requirements, and regulations change, such as smaller targets, faster speeds, new technologies, and more company outsourcing, we face them all together as a team and work toward the future. We start by listening to our customers to ensure that we have a clear understanding of what they need. We seek and develop the best talent available in the industry and invest in new technological advances to stay ahead of the curve. We do all of this to ensure that we have everything our clients need to succeed.

Some of the other advantages of working with EMC include:

  • our facility has a fully-equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department designed to manage the most demanding requirements
  • our staff includes engineers in every department, including sales engineers, applications engineers, and technical project engineers
  • every member of our team works with the latest design tools, technology, and equipment to best serve your needs
  • we sell a full line of functional test products for VXI and PXI applications
  • we utilize Virginia Panel, Agilent, Teradyne, and other interface/connectors as platforms, depending on the needs of our clients
  • some of the areas where we are particularly proficient include high speed, tight tolerance, temperature, test racks, and RF test fixtures

Universal and Mobile Test Station Systems

Our services are designed to work for the various industries that we serve. For example, clients that come to us from the data and telecommunications industries will often require us to design highly flexible test solutions. They seek cost-effective, functional test fixtures and test stations that are easily adaptable for both complicated and high-volume testing. Other industries, such as our semiconductor and medical equipment clients, demand rigorous validation and acceptance testing to ensure that the unit under test (UUT) from their suppliers matches or exceeds their internal requirements.

Mobile test station options provide our clients with a wide variety of test solutions at efficient costs. Functional test fixtures feature a built-in computer and monitor with test interfaces designed to their specifications. Modular electrical and mechanical interfaces can be used; however, to make the unit more cost-effective, we maximize the use of “off the shelf” parts and components to meet their needs. Making the transition from benchtop testing to rack-based test stations can offer numerous advantages. Many of today’s new products share the same test resources as their legacy counterparts, which can help to lower test costs and decrease test development times.

Universal test stations provide more precise test solutions while offering expansion capabilities and reduced cost for use with similar product types and configurations. Test-specific stations are also available and can be designed to meet certain demands, such as EMI, RF, and EMC compliant testing, active and passive electronic loads, integrated electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic stations, or just about anything that the client requires.

Contact EMC Technologies

If you are interested in learning more about our solutions for functional test fixtures, custom functional test systems, test stations, universal and mobile test station solutions, or in-circuit test fixture options, give us a call at 508-672-0808. We are located in Fall River, Massachusetts, and serve clients all across the country and around the globe.

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