custom functional testingCertain industries have demands that other manufacturers don’t have to worry about when it comes to functional test solutions. However, many of today’s tech-based businesses must seek out custom functional testing to achieve the requirements and meet government regulations for the proper use of test systems and integration. Specialty items, including radiofrequency RF functional test fixtures and highly customized interface test adapters (ITAs), can be difficult to achieve without proper support. EMC Technologies specializes in these areas to help our clients verify the performance of circuit card assemblies (CCAs) and electronic assemblies for industry.

Industries That Use Custom Functional Test Solutions

While some of the industries that we serve might surprise you, others will make a lot of sense. Custom functional testing can include wired and wireless options to provide essential services for industry. The purpose of all test systems and integration is to verify the performance of the circuit cards and electronic assemblies. Some of the industries that have the most stringent regulations regarding functional test solutions include networking and telecommunications, computer servers and internet hosting, satellite television and internet protocol, and the healthcare industry, just to name a few. At EMC Technologies, we are proud to serve a diverse array of clients who work across multiple industries. This has helped us to become extremely proficient in many different areas, including the application of high speed, tight tolerance custom solutions, and RF functional test fixtures.

Due to our experience with these clients, we have been able to stay current with the latest testing solutions and strategies for functional test solutions. Our extensive work with creating custom testing solutions has earned us clients who serve extremely high-tech industries that depend on developing reliable, repeatable testing. Some of those industries include aerospace, military, defense, and subcontracted military programs. Our work with consumer-based industries has helped us improve the work we do with our military contracts, and our work with military clients has enabled us to expand our abilities with consumer-based product testing. Producing a quality product, whether it is for commercial, industrial, or consumer use is vital to the success of the brand. Companies that do not dedicate themselves to performing effective testing are more likely to damage their brand by producing low-quality products.

Custom Functional Testing Advantages

In most cases, the advantages associated with the development of custom functional test solutions are obvious. However, there are also some underlying benefits that our clients can achieve through the use of custom functional testing. Whenever you produce a product, it is essential to evaluate the safety, performance, and durability for the intended end-user based on the volume, environment, and other demands of how and where it will be used. When effective testing is provided, either for specialized RF functional test fixtures, test systems, and integration, or other custom solutions, companies can protect their business and their brand by ensuring the quality of the product that they are producing.

Some of the primary advantages associated with custom testing include:

  • regulatory compliance – depending on the industry that you serve, custom functional testing might be designed to ensure that you meet all of the requirements and regulations
  • reduction of liability – products that are not tested might be unsafe or cause damage to other components, resulting in liability for the manufacturer; reduction of risks is essential to guarantee the success of the product and the brand
  • return on investment – the best way to ensure profit from the development of a new product, part or component is to provide functional test solutions that will determine the dependability, durability, and reliability of the finished item
  • reputation security – protecting your brand is essential, especially in a tech-based marketplace where companies can be built or destroyed on the results of a single product
  • reduce manufacturing defects – early testing during the development phase can help to eliminate defects early to decrease costs for production

Development of Custom Test Solutions

When you work with EMC Technologies, you gain the opportunity to expand your abilities and improve the products that you create for industry. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians works with each client to provide full-service, custom functional testing design, and manufacturing to support the production of a quality product. Whether you require RF functional test fixtures or specialized test systems and integration, we can help you to achieve your goals, contact our team at 508-672-0808 to speak with one of our sales engineers or to discuss your needs with a custom functional testing solution designer.