Specialty Test Solutions: Radiofrequency Testing Challenges

There are certain testing situations that require a bit more creativity, innovation, and experience than others. Specialty test solutions often involve specialized test adapters, test stations, and enclosures based on the unit under test or the environmental testing requirements that it needs to pass. Radiofrequency testing is something that we work with a lot at EMC Technologies. We are proud of the work that we have done to develop a variety of testing solutions for the testing of RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians and engineers work together with each client to create specialty test solutions and overcome their unique testing requirements.

Radiofrequency Testing

Over the years, we have provided custom functional test solutions for clients who work in many high-tech fields and industries. Military, defense, military subcontractor, industrial, aerospace, and commercial industry clients all have different needs when it comes to PCB test fixtures. Specialty test solutions, including innovative techniques and strategies, are frequently required when it comes to testing electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies in these types of situations. Some of the techniques that we have used include a complete six-sided metal enclosure that we sealed with electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielded gaskets and radiofrequency silicone to isolate the unit under test (UUT) from radiofrequency interference.

In addition, some of the designs that our team has created over the years that fall under specialty test solutions include the incorporation of semi-rigid triple-shielded coax cables, rigid coax cables, and SMA and BNC connectors. We have also worked extensively with matched impedance traces in the printed circuit board design, PCBs fabricated with Rogers material, and a series of RF rotary switches, power sensors, and coax switches. We have also undertaken projects that required us to custom design and build wage guide adapters for a variety of challenging radiofrequency testing applications. Robust, precise, and repeatable are some of the words that have been used to describe our cutting-edge RF test adapters.

Specialty Test Solutions & Services

We take pride in our ability to help our clients to overcome the challenges that they face in the development of custom functional test fixtures. We go above and beyond to ensure that every service we provide meets or exceeds expectations. PCB test fixtures can be designed to accommodate requirements that range from simple double-sided to complex multi-layer options, which can all be accomplished directly from the customer’s requirements or developed entirely in-house by EMC. We utilize the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards as an integral component of the interface test adapter.

Some of the reasons behind the extra work that we do for our customers include having the ability to create testing solutions that offer greater signal integrity and repeatability to create faster, less expensive exact duplicates of interface test adapters (ITAs). Other benefits include improvements to the organization of relays, power, and ground busses, as well as signal conditioning components. The work that we do in this area also can be used as part of a connector saver adapter card to allow for ease of maintenance with high-volume testing.

Comprehensive Engineering Services

Our engineering and design staff goes far beyond the basic box approach here at EMC Technologies. Many contract designers and manufacturers in the industry only go so far to achieve their customers’ goals, but we deliver full-service contract design and manufacturing in its true meaning. We address each project as a complete system, taking into consideration all requirements and conditions. Environmental constraints, dimensioning and tolerance issues, interfacing conditions, package limitations, and even mounting requirements must all be put into the design to maximize the return on investment and value of the finished product.

We apply our mastery in electro-mechanical design to meet or exceed expectations for customers who work in telecommunications, networking, medical, computer server, aerospace, and military markets. Our expertise in these areas allows us to produce manufacturable world-class designs more effectively and efficiently. As a result, we are able to stay current with the latest testing advancements, including our work in specialty test solutions. Specific areas of proficiency include high speed, tight tolerance, text racks, temperature, and radiofrequency testing fixtures. If you would like to get a FREE estimate for any of our services that work with electronic assemblies, PCB test fixtures, and specialty test solutions, give us a call at 508-672-0808.