Specialty Test Fixtures for the Telecommunications Industry

specialty test fixturesThere are many different situations when specialty test fixtures are required. However, the telecommunications and networking industries will frequently have more instances that require our team to create specialized mobile test station solutions. Radiofrequency or RF testing is one of those areas where we have gained a lot of experience and proficiency in recent years. Our work with RF test adapters and RF circuit assemblies has helped us to develop techniques and strategies that support the increasing demands, industry regulations, and safety guidelines that our clients face every day. Being able to overcome radiofrequency issues and ensure proper electronic industry testing helps to give us an edge over our competitors and deliver a superior product to our customers.

RF Circuit Assemblies and Test Adapters

Our design team has developed a variety of different RF test adapters and mobile test station solutions for the testing of RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. The techniques and strategies that we have employed for these particular types of designs include a complete six-sided metal enclosure that is sealed with electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielded gaskets and RF silicone. The purpose of all this is to isolate the unit under test (UUT) from any type of electromagnetic interference. This is vital to the success of testing and is one of the most significant reasons why specialty test fixtures must be used for this type of electronic test solution.

Some of the designs that we have created for our clients have incorporated other specialized techniques and materials, as well. Rigid coax cables, which have been characterized by a lab, and semi-rigid, triple-shielded coax cables – otherwise known as tensolite cables – have also been used. Some of the connectors that work particularly well in the creation of RF test adapters and solutions include SMA or Sub-Miniature Version A connectors, which are made for small cables and tight locations, and BNC or Bayonet Neill-Concelman connectors, which are extremely durable and make it easier to perform adjustments during testing or in the field. PCBs with matched impedance traces in the design, PCBs fabricated with Rogers material, RF rotary switches, power sensors, and coax switches are also used.

Manufacturing Specialty Test Fixtures

The telecommunications industry has many unique requirements and obstacles that must be achieved and overcome through the use of electronic testing before a product can go to market. Electromagnetic interference caused by the use of advanced technology must be addressed through the use of our specialty test fixtures. Our many years of experience in the design and manufacture of wired and wireless functional test fixtures, universal and mobile test station solutions, and specialty services can work in your favor when it comes to the testing of RF circuit assemblies. Our mission is to meet our customers’ stringent requirements in innovation, fabrication, and time-to-market and to become a valuable partner in all of their testing endeavors.

Robust, precise, and repeatable are just some of the words that come to mind when you hear about EMC Technologies’ work with cutting-edge RF test adapters. Our ability to create custom PWB and PCB designs in-house according to the precise needs and specifications of our clients also works in our favor. We can accommodate unique requirements ranging from simple double-sided to complex multi-layer designs for PCBs manufactured with Rogers material and matched impedance tracing features. We offer product testing solutions that can be performed during the early stages of development, at first manufacturing, during the lifecycle of the finished product, or as part of ongoing functional testing and calibration checks. Whether you require product testing, cutting, bending, milling, development, fabrication, or electro-magnetic assembly, our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians can help you achieve your goals.

Learn More About EMC Technologies

If you would like to learn more about our work with specialty test fixtures or would like to contact one of our team members to discuss your needs for RF test adapters to test your RF circuit assemblies, simply give us a call at 508-672-0808. We are located in Southeastern Massachusetts, but we provide our professional services to clients across the country and around the globe. Our strength and competitive advantage lie in our cross-functional engineering team – an experienced group of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and PCB designers with decades of experience working with specialized testing requirements.