Specialized Test Solutions: Military and Military Contractors

specialized test solutions for military clientsAt EMC Technologies, we are proud of the work that we have done to support our military and military contractor clients. Specialized test solutions and custom functional testing design and manufacturing is where we got our start, and we continue to be dedicated to serving this industry today. Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we do everything in-house at our New England facility. We are ISO 2001: 2015 Certified and ITAR Registered, so we are ready to help our clients achieve their custom testing goals to guarantee quality assurance for all of the parts, components, subcomponents, and products that they create to support the military. Through the use of functional test interface design and fabrication, as well as functional test stations, testing racks, and electro-mechanical test equipment, we are able to meet or exceed their expectations every step of the way.

RF Functional Test Fixtures

One of the services that we offer to our clients is the application of specialized test solutions like RF or radiofrequency functional testing. Our design team has developed a variety of test adapters and testing stations specifically for testing RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. Unlike other types of custom testing solutions, unique techniques and strategies had to be developed to overcome the issues inherent with this type of testing. Custom functional testing solutions include the use of a complete six-sided metal enclosure that is sealed with EMI-shielded gaskets and RF silicone to isolate the unit under test from any type of electromagnetic interference. We are very proud of the work that we have done in this area and the solutions that we have been able to create for our clients.

In addition to the metal enclosure used for these unique testing requirements, we have also incorporated the use of semi-rigid triple-shielded cox and rigid coax cables, as characterized by lab, into our designs. The use of SMA and BNC connectors, matched impedance traces in PCB design, PCBs fabricated with Rogers Material, RF rotary switches, RF power sensors, and coax switches have also been applied, as needed, in order to help our clients achieve all of their custom functional testing goals. Some of the specialized test solutions required our team to design and build wage guide adapters for the many different types of radiofrequency applications that we have undertaken.

Military Specialized Test Solutions

At EMC Technologies, we are very proud of the custom testing solutions that we have created for our clients, particularly in the development of highly customized interface test adapters that were used to support aerospace, military, military airplane, and subcontracted military programs. It is helpful that we have a team that has a strong background in high-tech, essential testing development. This advantage has helped us to stay current with all of the latest testing strategies so we can remain on the cutting edge of the electronic test industry for functional test interface solutions. We strongly believe that it is our wide range of diverse clients and challenging products, as well as our commitment to training and education, that has helped us to deliver unmatched quality and innovation for our customers.

Our discretely wired and wireless custom testing solutions can be used to support a wide range of specialized test solutions. We have partnered with our customers to develop a variety of test adapters and test stations to meet their unique needs and industry requirements. Our engineering and design departments go far beyond the basic box approach that is typically used by most contract designers and manufacturers. We start each new working relationship by communicating with the customer to identify their specifications, goals, and requirements for the work that we have been contracted to do for them. The secret to our success is our ability to address each project as a complete system, including taking an assessment of any package limitations, interfacing conditions, environmental constraints, mounting requirements or dimensioning, and tolerance issues. The more that we can learn about how and where the finished product will be used, including any issues with moisture, temperature, and exposure risks and hazards, the easier it will be for us to work with the client to develop custom functional testing solutions that will provide them with robust, repeatable, and reliable results.

Contact EMC Technologies to discuss your functional test interface and specialized test solutions requirements by calling 508-672-0808. We can answer any questions you might have about our experience and abilities to create custom testing solutions for a wide range of industries, including military and military contractor projects.