specialized test solutionsIt is essential to understand that in the electronic test industry, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Specialized test solutions are often required to meet the standards, specifications, and performance demands of the unit under test. At EMC Technologies, we design and manufacture a wide range of solutions that are designed for performance verification of printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies. While much of the work that we do is for military and military defense clients, we have also worked extensively on commercial projects, serving medical, satellite TV/IP, telecommunications, networking, electronics, and consumer product industries.

Highly Custom Test Solutions

Many of our clients require unique solutions, which can include discretely wired fixtures, RF circuit assemblies, and interface test adapters that are designed according to their particular needs. As a result of the work that we have done over the years for our diverse array of clients, we are able to stay current with the latest technologies and methods used in the development of specialized test solutions. We are proud of the work that we have done in the development of highly custom interface test adapters to support military, aerospace, and subcontracted military programs. We rely on our background in high-tech, essential testing development to create strategies and provide services that place us firmly on the cutting edge of the electronic test industry.

Challenging products, diverse client requirements, and changing industry demands have helped us to expand our knowledge and gain experiences that allow us to provide unmatched quality for every customer that we serve. Our services have been used to support a wide range of specialized test solutions, including radiofrequency testing and environmental challenges. Our design team has developed a variety of test adapters and test stations for the testing of RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. Some of the techniques and strategies that we employ for these specialized functional test solutions include the use of six-sided metal enclosures sealed with EMI-shielded gaskets and RF silicone to isolate the UUT from any type of electromagnetic interference. We go above and beyond to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients to meet challenges head-on.

Specialized Test Solutions

So, what is the difference between custom functional testing and specialized test solutions? Custom functional testing might include minor customizations, such as a custom utility board PCB with additional loads and relays or a custom backplane PCB with power and ground connections. It could also mean simply adapting and altering a testing solution already used for a particular industry to ensure it meets the new challenges or requirements posed by new technology or an advanced version of a product. Specialized solutions may involve more advanced customizations or solutions to challenges, such as electronic testing for RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. We work with each client on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we meet their unique needs and requirements.

Some of our specialized test solutions have incorporated the use of semi-rigid triple-shielded coax tensolite cables, rigid coax cables characterized by lab, SMA, and BNC connectors, and coax switches. We have also worked extensively with providing solutions for matched impedance traces in printed circuit board (PCB) design, PCBs that are fabricated with Rogers Material, as well as radiofrequency rotary switches and power sensors. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians have also custom-designed and built wage guide adapters for the many RF applications we have undertaken for our clients. Sometimes specialized test solutions require us to manufacture other customized parts and components, including custom cables, wires, and printed circuit boards.

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