Speccon, Incorporated

Looking for a spring-loaded contact for a custom test requirement, or an OEM product application? You’ve come to the right place!

Speccon, Incorporated is a specialist in the design and manufacture of custom, spring-loaded contacts and receptacles. We offer complete in-house design services to meet your most exacting requirements. With extensive industry experience in the field of ATE, we are adept at developing unique solutions to all of your contacting problems. For both prototype and production quantities, we pride ourselves on top quality, outstanding service and prompt delivery.

Phone: (508) 672.0808 • Email: sales@specconinc.com

Specializing in providing custom probes to the electronics industry, Speccon is committed to the highest standard in quality and service. We stock an assortment of probes and mating sockets. Most new products are designed, fabricated and delivered within four to six weeks… often sooner.

A sampling of Speccon’s Products

Double-Ended Probes

Double-Ended Probes are used extensively in the electronics industry, and most are manufactured using the Bias-Ball construction.

Double-Ended Sockets w/Replaceable Probes

Used in similar applications as the Double-Ended Probe, yet utilizes Speccon's Replaceable Probes.

GenRad Interface probes

Replacement probes for GenRad testers are available in both .125"   and .160" travel.  Speccon assembles all GenRad interface probes using Bias-Ball construction.

Receiver Blocks

Available in the following configurations:

  • .125” or .160” Travel Probes
  • 160 or 170 Pin Blocks
  • Wire-Wrap or Round Tails
  • Orientated Wire-Wrap Tails
  • Custom Socket Set heights

Pylon Compatible probes & Sockets

Consult Factory for price and availability.

Replaceable Probes

Mating Socket with Replaceable Probe

Speccon offers a wide variety of replaceable probes and mating sockets.   Replaceable probes are designed to be easily removed and replaced.  Also manufactured with Bias-Ball construction.

Non-Replaceable Probes

Non-Replaceable probes are highly durable for use in demanding applications.   Typically installed directly into an assembly without the use of a mating socket.

Bias-Ball Construction

Bias-Ball Construction ensures continuous contact between the precious metal plated plunger and the gold-lined probe body.  This high performance construction provides low, uniform resistance over the life of the product.

Design Options

Speccon products are available utilizing many various design options.   Some of these options are:

  • Centerline Space || Tip Styles || Spring Force || Travel
  • Overall Length || Plating || Temperature Considerations
  • Bias-Ball or Conventional Construction || Wire Termination
  • Materials || Replaceable or Non-Replaceable
  • Prototype or Production Quantities

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