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Semiconductor Test: Innovative Mobile Test Station Solutions

Mobile Test StationSome situations can benefit from turnkey solutions for integrated test systems and printed circuit board (PCB) custom design and manufacturing, while others require a little bit more. If you are unable to meet the needs of your semiconductor industry testing with one-size-fits-all testing equipment, consider custom test solutions through EMC Technologies. Our engineering team can work with yours to come up with innovative options that you can use to take your custom semiconductor testing to the next level. Mobile test station and universal test station options are available, as well as test-specific stations, depending on your needs and specifications.

We Work With You

One of the reasons why our customers stick with us is that we work with you to create custom test solutions that are produced according to your specifications to better meet your goals. In addition, our team works with the goal of exceeding your expectations while reducing your testing costs and streamlining the entire testing process. While we may have started out working directly with military clients, EMC Technologies has expanded our knowledge, experience, and expertise to serve the needs of clients across many different industries.

Our clients in the telecommunications and data industries require test solutions that are cost-effective, easily adaptable, and extremely flexible for complex and high-volume testing. However, we understand that the semiconductor industry needs much more rigorous validation and acceptance testing that will be designed to match or exceed your internal requirements. One way that we achieve these goals is to co-develop both the hardware and the software at the same time to meet all of your time, test, and cost constraints. The use of mobile test station options can help our clients to meet a variety of test solution requirements while maintaining a low budget.

Benefits of Mobile Test Station Design

It is essential to understand what you are getting when you begin to consider the mobile test station for your custom test solutions. Our team will work with you every step of the way to develop custom design and manufacturing, printed circuit board (PCB), and other testing features according to your needs. We can design a mobile test station with a built-in computer and monitor, along with all of the necessary test interfaces, including both mechanical and electrical interface options. Our mobile test station solutions maximize the use of “off the shelf” parts and components to cut lead time and reduce expenses.

Depending on your requirements, our team can integrate a built-in network and fiber optic capabilities into your mobile test station design. Our engineers will establish station wiring and configurations that are well-organized and documented for easy adaptability, maintenance, and use. We include custom design and manufacturing for expansion areas that can be changed out or upgraded with easy-to-use adapter panels and plates. The entire mobile test station utilizes designed-in fast access to all inside resources to maximize the return on your investment for this unit. The design of the station makes sure to take advantage of the entire use of the test floor area.

Advantages of Rack-Based Stations

Transitioning from benchtop testing to a rack-based solution like our mobile test station can provide many unique benefits. In many cases, new products will share the same test resources as their legacy counterparts. This helps to reduce costs for testing across the board and improve lead times for testing development and implementation. Even custom design and manufacturing of custom test solutions used with a rack-based unit will be considerably faster than conventional benchtop testing options. A universal test station can help to save costs even further, providing precise test solutions, expansion capabilities, and reduced costs for similar configurations and product types.

If you would like to learn more about our mobile test station or universal test station options, visit our website for details. We also have some featured instructional videos that you can watch to get a better idea of what goes into the custom design and manufacturing of our testing systems. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about printed circuit board design, functional test fixtures, and other services available at EMC Technologies. While we are located in Southeastern Massachusetts, we provide our quality and professional services to clients all across the country and around the globe. Give us a call at 508-672-0808 to get a FREE estimate for any of the services that we provide.