RF Circuit Assemblies for RF Functional TestingSpecialized test stations and test adaptors are needed to effectively test RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. Our team of engineers has worked with clients to develop a variety of custom functional test fixtures that are designed to fit the bill. RF functional testing techniques and strategies require additional elements not required in other test stations or solutions. Our team worked to create custom testing designed to effectively meet the unique needs of testing for these types of assemblies and sub-assemblies.

RF Functional Testing

Unlike other types of functional test fixtures, the solutions required for testing RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies need additional protection from electromagnetic interference. Some of the strategies that our team employed include a complete six-sided metal enclosure that was sealed with EMI shielded gaskets and RF silicone. This design works to shield and isolate the UUT (unit under test) from any type of interference. Many of our designs have incorporated other features as well, including semi-rigid triple-shielded coax tensolite cables and rigid coax cables.

Some of the connectors used include SMA, which is found extensively throughout the RF and microwave electronics industry, and BNC, which is a popular connector used in test instruments. Our engineers have created designs that include matched impedance traces in the printed circuit board (PCB) design, as well as PCBs that were fabricated using Rogers Material, RF rotary switches, RF power sensors, and coax switches. Some of our custom designs and manufacturing projects have also included wage guide adapters for many of the RF functional testing applications that we have engineered.

Expanding Technology

Like many of the other custom functional test fixtures that we develop at EMC Technologies, RF functional testing solutions for RF circuit assemblies was born out of industry demand. The current market for RF-enabled devices has grown at a rapid rate, requiring more solutions for effective testing or UUT products for quality control. The custom test stations and fixtures developed by our engineers and technicians are needed to provide solutions for a broad range of consumer-based and industry-focused products that rely on this technology.

Due to constant growth within the electronics industry, custom solutions are often needed to meet the unusual or unique needs for testing of RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. Specific techniques and strategies are developed by our team of engineers and technicians to ensure effective testing and quality control. RF functional testing and other types of functional test requirements are used by many different industries, including product development for consumer electronic devices. In addition, high-tech industries are also using functional test fixtures for telecommunications, networking, medical equipment, and military contractors.

Trust EMC Technologies for RF Testing Solutions

The first thing that our team will do when you contact us to develop solutions for testing RF circuit assemblies is to discuss your specific needs to establish a strategy. You can expect to work with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who share your mission to obtain quality results. Our engineers are highly specialized in areas that include electrical, mechanical, and printed circuit board engineering. Our technicians are trained to work with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and tools to create consistent results for our customers. Even our sales department is educated and experienced in applications, engineering, and technical project management, to provide our customers with the most comprehensive attention to detail and service available.

While we specialize in the design and manufacture or discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures, interface test adapters, and test stations to test printed circuit boards (PCBs) and assemblies, our experience has helped us to expand our abilities to other areas. We are particularly proud of our work with RF functional testing, as well as increased knowledge and experience with temperature, high speed, tight tolerance, and test racks. Our goal is to continue growing and expanding along with our clients, just as we have done in the past. EMC Technologies began as a company with a focus primarily on the functional test needs of the military, be we have since evolved to provide services for commercial clients and military contractors as well.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and ITAR Registered, you can contact our team by calling 508-672-0808. We can answer any questions that you might have about our services or start working with you right away to develop custom functional test fixtures and solutions designed to meet your industry needs.