rf functional testingRadio frequency (RF) and microwave test systems are used in certain industries for signal routing and conditioning. For RF functional testing, an interface unit is used to route the high frequency signals between the RF test instrumentation and the device under test (DUT). There are several different configurations for these switches, depending on the needs of the client and any requirements imposed by industry or government regulations. SPDT or single-pole-double-throw, SPnT or multiport SPDT switches, DPDT double-pole-double-throw, and bypass switches are just some of the options used for testing with RF circuit assemblies.

The electronic test industry is an ever-changing, always-evolving industry that must continually meet the demands of advances made in technology and manufacturing across many different industries. EMC Technologies serves clients who work with military and military sub-contractor applications, as well as consumer electronics, medical equipment, telecommunications, and satellite TV/IP devices, as well as other types of RF functional testing requirements. Signals can be routed from multiple instruments to single or multiple devices that need to be tested. The benefit of this is that the same test equipment can be used to perform various tests while allowing for easy automation to save time and money.

RF Circuit Assemblies

At EMC Technologies, we have a lot of experience developing RF test adapters and test stations for use in testing RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. The techniques and strategies that we employ for these designs include a complete six-sided metal enclosure that is sealed with EMI shielded gaskets and RF silicone. These measures are taken to isolate the device under test (DUT) or unit under test (UUT) from any electromagnetic interference. Our designs have incorporated a wide range of custom options based on the requests and industry demands of our clients. We are proud to serve clients who work across many complex industries, including military, aerospace, and missile defense for multinational corporations.

Many of our designs for RF circuit assemblies have incorporated the use of semi-rigid triple-shielded tensolite coax cables. We have also used rigid cox cables, characterized by lab, as well as SMA and BNC connectors. Our team has worked to include matched impedance traces in printed circuit boards (PCBs), and PCBs fabricated with Rogers Material. Our expertise also includes designs that required RF rotary switches, RF power sensors, and coax switches. Throughout our many years of working in the electronic test industry, EMC Technologies has also custom designed and built wage guide adapters for the many different RF functional testing applications that we have undertaken. Radio frequency testing has become one of our most proficient areas of expertise, and we are proud to be able to offer it to our diverse array of clients.

Custom RF Functional Testing

One of the reasons why custom solutions are frequently required for RF functional testing and the development or RF circuit assemblies is that it can be challenging to specify and design microwave switching and distribution systems and instrumentation. The reason for this is that microwave and RF switching systems are complicated by nature, requiring much research on the various switch components, wires, software configurations, instrument drivers, and creating a custom graphical interface. While some businesses in the electronic test industry are content to offer “off the shelf” solutions that may or may not best serve the needs of their clients, EMC Technologies prefers to use our knowledge and experience to create more intuitive designs for RF functional testing.

Our background in custom and functional testing for military clients and growth in sectors that include military contractor, aerospace, military airplane, computer servers, and telecommunications has provided us with unmatched experience in the area of RF functional testing. We have worked to develop highly custom interface test adapters (ITAs) to support military airplane programs and multinational missile programs for military clients. Our extensive range of demanding clients and challenging projects has enabled us to stay current and ahead of the curve with the latest testing advancements. We are proficient in RF functional testing and test fixtures but are also very experienced in relative areas that include high speed, temperature, tight tolerance, and custom test racks.

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