RF Functional Testing Methods: Functional Test Fixtures

RF functional testing

Close-up green embedded microcircuits are stacked in box to prepare for the further in factory for production of equipment

Effective testing RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies need both specialized test stations and test adaptors. Working with customers, our team of engineers has created a range of unique functional test fixtures meant to meet the bill. Additional features not needed in other test stations or solutions are necessary in RF functional testing methods and strategies. Our staff labored to develop tailored tests meant to efficiently satisfy the special requirements of testing for these kinds of assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Testing RF Circuit Assemblies

Unlike other forms of functional test fixtures, the solutions needed for testing RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies call for extra electromagnetic interference protection. Among the tactics our team used were a full six-sided metal enclosure sealed with EMI protected gaskets and RF silicone. This architecture shields and isolates the UUT (unit under test) from every kind of disturbance. Numerous of our designs also included stiff coax cables and semi-rigid triple-shielded coax tensolite cables.

Among the connections utilized are BNC, a common connector used in test equipment, and SMA, which is used largely in the RF and microwave electronics sector. Our experts have produced designs comprising matched impedance traces in the printed circuit board (PCB) design as well as PCBs produced using Rogers Material, RF rotary switches, RF power sensors, and coax switches. For several of the RF functional testing applications we have designed, some of our bespoke designs and manufacturing projects have also included pay guide adapters.

Functional Test Fixtures

RF functional testing solutions for RF circuit assemblies originated in industry demand, same as many of the other bespoke functional test fixtures we design at EMC Technologies. The fast expanding present market for RF-enabled devices calls for new solutions for efficient testing or UUT products for quality control. Our engineers and technicians created unique test stations and fixtures to offer solutions for a wide spectrum of consumer-based, industry-oriented items depending on this technology.

Custom solutions are often required to fulfill the odd or unique demands for testing of RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies due of continuous expansion in the electronics sector. Our staff of engineers and technicians develops particular methods and tactics to guarantee efficient testing and quality control. Many diverse sectors, including product development for consumer electronic devices, employ RF functional testing and other forms of functional test needs. Furthermore used in high-tech sectors are functional test fixtures for military contractors, networking, medical equipment, and telecommunication.

Custom RF Functional Testing Methods

First thing our team will do when you get in touch to provide RF circuit assembly solutions is go over your particular requirements to create a plan. Working with a team of highly skilled and experienced experts that also share your goal of obtaining great outcomes will be expected. Our engineers specialize rather specifically in mechanical, electrical, and printed circuit board engineering. To produce consistent outcomes for our clients, our experts are educated to operate using the newest state-of- the-art tools, equipment, and methodologies. To give our clients the most complete attention to detail and service accessible, even our sales department is knowledgeable and skilled in applications, engineering, technical project management.

Although we specialize in the design and manufacturing or discreetly wired and wireless functional test fixtures, interface test adapters, and test stations to test printed circuit boards (PCRs) and assemblies, our expertise has allowed us to broaden our talents to other sectors. Our work with RF functional testing and growing knowledge and expertise with temperature, high speed, tight tolerance, and test racks really makes us proud. As we have done in the past, our objective is to keep developing and increasing with our clients. Originally focused mostly on the functional test needs of the military, EMC Technologies has developed to offer services for both military contractors and commercial clients.

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