RF Circuit Assemblies: Custom Testing Solutions for Industry

RF circuit assemblies testingThe electronic test industry creates custom testing solutions for the purpose of functional testing for a variety of industries, products, and components. Functional test solutions are designed based on the client’s preferences for testing stations, interfaces, and the type of testing that is required. RF circuit assemblies and other specialty testing technologies are used for a specific kind of test based on the inherent qualities of the unit under test. Industrial testing of radio frequency (RF) components and other products is essential for quality control, safety, consistency, and reliability for today’s modern manufacturers. There are many reasons why RF functional test solutions are required; however, the primary goal is to ensure that an RF-controlled product does not introduce intolerable electromagnetic interference (EMI) disturbances into the environment. This type of functional testing is designed to check for RF immunity and emissions.

Radio and Telecommunications Industries

Custom testing solutions and RF circuit assemblies are required for testing radio and telecommunications equipment to ensure that they are effectively using the radio spectrum without interfering with other users. Radio frequency testing covers a wide range of technologies, including RFID, GPS, and cellular, just to name a few. Testing is needed to verify that the unit under test meets all regulations for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), safety, and RF exposure for the intended end-user in a specified environment. Throughout the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia, and Japan, radio frequency compliance is a mandatory requirement. Many other international markets have recently joined in on this requirement to improve the performance of radio and telecommunications equipment in their countries.

Companies that manufacture wireless devices or utilize wireless components within their products must comply with these regulations. If custom testing solutions are not performed, and the device does not pass these requirements, the product will not be allowed to be sold legally within a country that regulates radio frequency compliance. There are other advantages to using functional test solutions for RF circuit assemblies, including ensuring function, performance, and safety for a product. This helps businesses to grow their brands and reputations, creating valuable products and devices for consumers and commercial or industrial customers. Early testing through the design and development phase, as well as in-production and post-production testing for the unit under test, can help to avoid costly setbacks and the ability to access global markets without delay.

Modern Wireless Technologies

Many of the designs used today for modern wireless devices, including your personal cellphone and high-tech telecommunications towers, rely on radio frequency field propagation, which creates an electromagnetic field to transmit energy through space. Many of the technologies used today are based on RF properties, which means that they require comprehensive testing solutions for RF circuit assemblies and other components. RF functional testing is an essential tool used frequently within the electronic test industry, and it is often requested by our clients at EMC Technologies. The telecommunications industry relies heavily on RF energy for the broadcast of everything from basic radio waves to television transmission. As the use of wireless devices continues to grow, including cellphones and smart IoT technology, there are more instances and concerns regarding interference.

Non-communications applications for RF energy are also growing in popularity. Microwave ovens, industrial heating systems, and traffic enforcement radar devices are just some examples of the ways that it is used. Custom testing solutions are designed to collect data through the use of functional test fixtures and RF functional testing to help engineers make improvements, solve problems, and create products designed to meet or exceed expectations. We work with each client to determine their specific needs for unit under test methods and create solutions designed to accommodate their unique product specifications. Our knowledge and experience with RF circuit assemblies and RF functional testing have expanded significantly in recent years. We have worked with various strategies and techniques, including a six-sided metal enclosure sealed with EMI-shielded gaskets and RF silicone to isolate the unit under test from electromagnetic interference.

Custom RF Circuit Assemblies at EMC Technologies

Our engineers have decades of training and experience with the type of custom testing solutions that our clients need the most. We are proud to serve clients in multiple industries, including military and defense, telecommunications, network, satellite TV/IP, consumer electronics, medical, and avionics. Continuous training and education help to keep our team ahead of the curve with the latest technologies, materials, methods, and techniques to give us an advantage over other services. It is our mission to partner with each client in their test challenges. We have earned many loyal clients that we have worked with side by side for many years. The challenges that we face together help us to all grow, expand, and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry. To speak with one of our team members about your needs, give us a call at 508-672-0808. We look forward to working with you to find functional test solutions for all of your electronic test industry needs.