Radiofrequency Test Fixtures to Overcome Electromagnetic Interface

radiofrequency test toolsThe unique functional test tools and solutions that we make here at EMC Technology are strong, accurate, and able to be used again and again. We’re proud of how loyal our customers have been over the years and how we’ve been able to help them with their test problems. We’ve been working together on faster speeds, smaller goals, new technologies, and more company outsourcing lately, and we will continue to do so in the future. We plan to be ready for the future by hiring and training the best people, paying attention to what our customers want, and keeping an eye on the newest technology in our field.

Functional Test Fixtures

We stay on top of the latest testing techniques because we have a wide range of difficult customers and goods. Every day, our team works to make wireless functional testing, quietly wired fixtures, and highly customized interface test adapters better. The military, military subcontractors, and business clients are some of the groups we work with. Each of them has very specific needs when it comes to special functional test fixtures and solutions. We’ve done ground-breaking work for many businesses recently in commercial uses, such as medical, computer servers, consumer electronics, networking, telecommunications, and satellite TV/IP.

Our work for clients has given us a lot of specific skills. For example, we’ve been able to make highly customized interface test adapters to help with military airplane programs and international missile programs for our military clients. We have also done very well with projects that need creative solutions for things like faster speeds, tighter tolerances, temperature needs, test racks, and radiofrequency test tools. The mechanical, electrical, and PCB experts and workers on our team use the newest design tools and equipment to make sure we get the best results. Every member of the team, from sales to testing, gets ongoing training to make sure they know how to use the industry’s constantly evolving technologies.

Functional Test Tools

Our designers have made a range of interface test adapters and test stations that are perfect for checking radiofrequency circuit assemblies and microwave subassemblies. We need to keep electromagnetic interference away from our wireless functional testing and secretly linked fixtures to make sure the unit being tested works right. Some of the methods and plans we’ve used successfully for these kinds of designs include a full six-sided metal box sealed with EMI-shielded seals and RF-silicone to keep the unit being tested separate and stop any electromagnetic interference.

We have also used semi-rigid triple insulated coax cables and rigid coax cables, which are known by lab, in other designs for these highly customized functional test setups. Connectors come in SMA and BNC types, and our team has designed printed circuit boards (PCBs) with matched impedance lines and made prototypes of PCBs made with Rogers Material. In order to help our clients reach their goals, we have also had to use radiofrequency rotating switches, power monitors, and coax switches. We are very proud of the work that EMC Technologies has done in this area for radiofrequency interface test adapters and testing stations. For example, we have designed and made special pay guide adapters for the many RF projects we have worked on.

Electromagnetic Interface

Visit our website to see pictures and movies of some of the most recent work we’ve done for clients. A product guarantee screening test station with an internal anechoic room and the wiring for an in-circuit test (ICT) fixture are some of the fixtures that can be seen. You can also see the wiring for our functional test fixtures from the inside. We do a lot of different kinds of unique work and services for our clients. We work with specialized interface test adapters and custom functional test setups. If you want to know more about what we do, please call us at 508-672-0808. Our center in Southeastern Massachusetts is ISO 2001:2015 certified, ITAR registered, fully trained, and full of experience. We are ready to help you with all of your functional testing needs by creating custom solutions just for you.