radio frequency testing challengesOne of the areas where EMC Technologies has become extremely proficient is in the development of radio frequency testing. RF testing solutions can be challenging, yet are essential to ensure the tight constraints required by the various industries that we serve. Focusing on custom test solutions for industry can help to improve RF test adapters, while making advancements that make improvements in the areas of cost, performance, and time-to-market for our clients. We work with each customer to ensure that we meet all compliance standards, regardless of the complexity of the project. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers can accomplish this by solving issues with interference, including electromagnetic interference problems, optimizing power consumption, and making accurate radio frequency power measurements.

Radio Frequency Testing Standards

The industries that we serve are continually growing, changing, and evolving. In order to meet their stringent standards and regulations, EMC Technologies is prepared to adapt our methods and create RF testing solutions designed specifically for these challenges. Over the years, our team of engineers and technicians have become highly proficient in the areas of temperature, high speed, tight tolerance, test racks, and RF test adapters and fixtures. Telecommunications and networking industry clients, in particular, are always coming to us with new challenges. The continued demand for increased channel capacity with voice services, mobile data, and wireless LAN help to keep our team on top of the latest advancements in testing requirements.

Increased complications, such as multicarrier, channel schemes, extensions, and carrier aggregation, exceed many of the standards and regulations that govern them. Our team has had to think “outside the box,” working at the early stages of development with our clients, to create RF testing solutions and other custom test solutions for industry that will help them to achieve their goals. Our work with military, aerospace, defense, and military subcontractor clients has helped to improve our abilities when it comes to custom testing solutions for consumer electronics, telecommunications, computer servers, and networks. We are proud of the work that we have been able to do for our customers and believe that we are well-prepared to continue meeting and exceeding expectations in the future.

Wireless Standards-Specific Measurements

Another challenge that the electronic testing industry has experienced with regard to radio frequency testing solutions is meeting the wireless industry’s standards-specific measurements. Because the demands of the wireless industry are also continuously changing, a lot of work is required in the area of development and troubleshooting prior to manufacturing and post-production. Broader measurement ranges for signals and subsystem signals are required to ensure that our RF test adapters and RF testing solutions are able to verify the performance and compliance of products and components.

Some of the signals essential to this type of custom test solutions for industry include continuous wave (CW) and modulated signals through the use of digital intermediate frequency (IF) and vector signal processing. In addition, custom measurement applications are often created for specific wireless standards, which can be updated as they change to meet the ever-increasing needs of this particular industry to maintain standards requirements. Understanding the needs of these industries that depend on radio frequency testing can help to ensure proper testing solutions that are essential for the future of wireless design.

Interference Problems and Solutions

Perhaps the most significant issue to date that we work on with our custom test solutions for industry concerning RF testing solutions is interference. Transient signals within the spectrum, as well as the overall nature of the communications industry, can make it difficult to measure and pinpoint the issues. Finding and fixing electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems can be even more challenging, and remains an ongoing concern for many wireless engineers who need to comply with industry regulations while pressing forward with innovations that will perform effectively within the user environment.

Our team has developed a variety of RF test adapters and stations for testing RF circuit assemblies and microwave sub-assemblies. Some of the techniques and strategies that we use include a complete six-sided metal enclosure sealed with EMI-shielded gaskets and RF silicone to isolate the unit under test (UUT) from electromagnetic interference (EMI). To learn more about our custom test solutions for industry, including RF power sensors, PCBs fabricated with Rogers Material, RF rotary switches, and more, contact our team by calling 508-672-0808. We are ITAR registered and ISO 9001: 2015 certified to meet all of your industry and regulatory needs.