unit under test solutionsThe electronic test industry provides product testing solutions for businesses and entire industries to assure performance verification, safety, and function of the unit under test. Calibration tests for manufacturing and other UUT functional testing solutions can be custom designed to meet the specific standards, measurements, and industry requirements of the client. At EMC Technologies, we partner with our clients to provide truly custom design and manufacturing in its truest form. We offer a wide range of services, including the development and manufacture of discrete wired and wireless functional test fixtures for circuit card assemblies (CCAs) and electronic assemblies, unit under test product testing, RF fixtures, custom printed circuit board (PCB) design and more.

Unit Under Test Solutions

Many of our clients require product testing solutions that will offer testing opportunities at first manufacture, during the life cycle of the product, or as part of ongoing functional testing and calibration tests for manufacturing. A unit under test or UUT functional testing is an essential part of any manufacturing solution. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians will work with you to customize a test solution according to your specific application and budgetary needs. We work with clients every step of the way, from the initial design phase through ongoing product testing and more. We can provide you with testing recommendations designed to increase response throughout the development and manufacturing process.

Production level testing is an essential part of the manufacturing process. At EMC Technologies, our team works with each client to customize product testing solutions that are designed to save them time and money. Because our team is trained in a variety of testing methods and practices, we are able to use all of the latest technologies in the electronic test industry to provide unit under test solutions for our customers. We dedicate ourselves to using the latest technology, techniques, equipment, and procedures so we can guarantee the highest level of production quality assurance in the business. Our wireless functional test fixtures and calibration tests for manufacturing are designed to reduce debugging time and maintenance, replacing the nest of wires, which are typically seen in long-wire fixtures that are used with multi-layered printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Solutions for High-Tech Industry

EMC Technologies has many years of experience working with the development of automated test equipment and UUT functional testing for many different high-tech industries. We are proud of our stellar record to provide top-quality custom product testing solutions to our clients that meet all of their functional and budgetary requirements. Some of the industries that we have served and continue to serve to include military defense, aerospace, telecommunications, networking, energy, semiconductor, medical device, and computer network servers for a variety of different clients. Our testing solutions can be adapted and designed for software development, specification development, turnkey systems, and installation services, as well as other client-requested specifications.

We go above and beyond the “off the shelf” approach that many so-called contract designers and manufacturers use, offering our clients full-service contract design and manufacturing in its true meaning. We address each project as a complete system, including all of the environmental constraints, mounting requirements, interfacing conditions, evaluation of package limitations, dimensioning, and tolerance issues to ensure the absolute best results. Our engineering department applies their mastery in electro-mechanical design to serve our most demanding, challenging, and sensitive clients in the military and defense markets, as well as the communications, avionics, industrial, and medical fields. Our training, experience, knowledge, and expertise in this area are what helps our team to produce manufacturable world-class designs more effectively and efficiently.

Highly Customized ITAs

Another area where we really excel for customers who require UUT functional testing and other product testing solutions is in the development of highly custom interface test adapters (ITAs) to support the needs of our clients. Some of our specific areas of proficiency include temperature, high speed, tight tolerance, radio frequency (RF) test fixtures, and test racks. We stock a full line of mass interconnect test products, including kits, blocks, and receivers, plus we also sell a full line of functional test products for VXI and PXI applications, utilize Virginia Panel, Agilent, Teradyne, and other interface connectors as platforms. We can supply the equipment and offer full electrical and manufacturing support to ensure a comprehensive turn-key solution to meet our customers’ test interface needs.

If you would like to learn more about partnering with EMC Technologies for your unit under test solutions and calibration tests for manufacturing, give us a call at 508-672-0808. Smaller targets, faster speeds, new technologies, and increased outsourcing are just a few of the challenges that we have faced alongside our clients as we work together toward the future. We continue to prepare for change and adapt our product testing solutions accordingly while seeking and developing the best talent available and investing in the latest technological advances to best serve our clients. Call today for a FREE estimate or to learn more about our services.