custom industry test solutionsMany different industries depend greatly on printed circuit board testing to ensure that their products perform and work as intended. Custom functional test fixtures, which can include wired and wireless options for functional PCB test solutions, are what we specialize in here at EMC Technologies. Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians partner directly with clients to establish custom industry test solutions based on their unique needs and specifications. We design and manufacture discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures that are used for performance verification of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic assemblies.

Experience Matters in Functional Testing

While there are “off the shelf” options for functional PCB test requirements, many industries demand unique testing models and more extensive printed circuit board testing than others. Some of the commercial applications that we have worked on at EMC Technologies include work that supports industries like networking, telecommunications, medical equipment and devices, computer servers, and satellite TV/IP development. Our original focus in the design and manufacture of custom functional test fixtures was for military and defense programs. Today, we still serve clients in military and defense, as well as aerospace and subcontracted military programs. We believe that our experience in these areas has helped us to be stronger and have the ability to meet the challenging and demanding needs of clients in other industry sectors.

In addition to custom industry test solutions for PCBs, our team has also developed highly customized interface test adapters (ITAs) to support high-technology programs. We continue to learn, expand our abilities, and grow to meet the demands of our clients, which helps us to stay current with the latest testing strategies. Some of the ITA work that we have done and have gained experience with includes custom backplane PCB for power and ground connections and custom utility board PCB for additional loads and relays. We also have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience working with the development of removable access panels to increase function and redundant interface with multiple connections to a single point. We are ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and ITAR Registered to best meet the needs of all our clients and provide them with the services that they require.

Custom Industry Test Solutions

We understand that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” model when it comes to the development of custom functional test fixtures. Some of our specific areas of proficiency include high speed, tight tolerance, temperature, test racks, and radiofrequency RF test fixtures. While we do stock a full line of mass interconnect test products, which includes kits, blocks, and receivers, and offer a wide range of custom industry test solutions designed to meet our clients’ specific needs and industry requirements. We also sell a line of functional test products designed for use with VXI and PXI applications and utilize popular interface connectors, such as Virginia Panel, Teradyne, and Agilent as platforms. We supply our clients with the equipment and offer full electrical and manufacturing support to provide a complete turn-key solution for those who prefer this approach.

One reason why we are able to deliver custom functional test fixtures and functional PCB test solutions to our clients that exceed expectations is that we have a fully-equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department at our Fall River facility. We can use this equipment to manage even the most demanding requirements. Our team is made up of a combination of engineers and technicians who specialize in mechanical, electrical, and printed circuit board testing. We ensure that each staff member is trained, experienced, and skilled in the use of the latest design tools and equipment. Even our sales team is made up of sales engineers, applications engineers, and technical project managers to best serve our clients from the initial point of contact.

Partner With EMC Technologies

If you are searching for custom industry test solutions that offer repeatable, consistent results for printed circuit board testing and other industry testing requirements, look no further than EMC Technologies. Our customers consider us to be a partner in their test challenges, and we take pride in the loyalty that we have earned over the years. Faster speeds, smaller targets, new technologies, and company outsourcing are just some of the challenges that we will continue to face together in the future. Give us a call at 508-672-0808 to speak with a representative to discuss your needs for custom functional test fixtures and functional PCB test solutions.