printed circuit board testingOne of the services that we provide at EMC Technologies is the design and assembly of printed circuit boards or PCBs. The designs that we create can accommodate requirements from the client, ranging from simple double-sided PCBs to more complex multi-layers. Our team of highly trained and experienced PCB engineers and technicians can create custom solutions for printed circuit board testing directly from an order, or they can be developed entirely in-house by our team based on the client’s needs. Our team provides PCB designs in both PADS and Allegro format and utilizes the design and manufacture of PCBs as an integral component of the interface adapter used in functional test solutions. Radiofrequency testing and other RF testing solutions, as well as printed circuit board testing applications, are all highly dependent on the work done with PCB design and assembly.

Advantages of In-House PCB Design & Assembly

Our customers trust us to design and manufacture the printed circuit board testing solutions they need to achieve their manufacturing goal. By providing PCB design and assembly in-house at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility, we can deliver many advantages to our clients. Some of the benefits associated with the in-house development of PCBs include greater signal integrity and repeatability, which can significantly reduce debugging time. This also allows us to create faster, less expensive exact duplicates of interface test adapters (ITAs), as well as improved organization of relays, power, and ground busses, as well as signal conditioning components. Other advantages include streamlined opportunities for maintaining high-volume testing.

Because we do our own printed circuit board testing, design, fabrication, and assembly in-house, we are able to reduce lead times for completed projects to expedite solutions for our customers. So, whether our clients require basic functional test solutions or something more specific, such as radiofrequency testing and other RF testing solutions, we can help them to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively without any third-party production delays. Our experienced and professionally trained technicians have all the skills and experience necessary to fabricate nearly any type of cable, wire, PCB, and part that our customers need to meet their deadlines and stay on-budget for product development. Our team can offer full turn-key project support, as well as simple build-to-print machined prototypes for nearly any phase of development for custom functional testing.

Superior Printed Circuit Board Testing

As a world-class functional test fixturing company, EMC Technologies began as a service that primarily focused on developing functional test solutions for military and military contractor clients. Today, we also help to fill the needs of clients across multiple industries, including medical, networking, telecommunications, satellite TV/IP, computer servers, aerospace, and consumer electronics. Our work with highly custom ITAs to support military airplane programs has helped us to stay on the cutting edge of the latest testing advancements, including tight tolerances, high speeds, temperature, test racks, and RF testing solutions. However, it is our work with printed circuit board testing that is at the heart of it all. We maintain a staff of highly trained, educated, and experienced PCB engineers and technicians, along with experts in the fields of mechanical and electrical, to ensure our ability to meet or exceed the expectations of every client we serve.

We are proud to have earned the return business of many clients throughout our years of service, who consider EMC Technologies to be a partner in their test challenges. Smaller targets, new technologies, faster speeds, and increased company outsourcing are just some of the obstacles we will prepare for and overcome together in the future. Our mission is to listen to our customers’ needs and continue seeking and developing the best talent available while investing in the technological advancements of the future. Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, we provide professional services and support to clients all across the country and around the globe. Contact our team directly to learn more about our discretely wired and wireless functional test fixtures for circuit card assemblies (CCAs) and electronic assemblies (EAs) for product testing at first manufacture, during its life cycle, or as part of ongoing functional testing and calibration checks. We can answer any questions you might have about RF testing solutions and other specialized radiofrequency testing services. Call today at 508-672-0808 to speak with one of our customer sales engineers about your functional test solutions needs.