Printed Circuit Board Design: PCB Test Fixtures and Solutions

printed circuit board designMuch like other types of functional test interface solutions, the testing that is designed to test the function of printed circuit board design is essential in manufacturing. Functional testing, through the use of printed circuit board or PCB test fixtures, is performed at the end of the manufacturing process to ensure that the part or component will perform as intended. In addition, testing for safety, durability, and longevity are often included to make sure that the unit under test (UUT) will be safe to use in the expected environment and have a service life that is satisfactory. It is essential to understand that the test systems and integration used for PCB functional testing and other types of PCB testing services are quite different. The more you can learn about the different types of testing for printed circuit boards, the easier it will be to know what you need and when you need it.

Examples of PCB Test Fixtures and Services

Functional testing is used across multiple industries for printed circuit board design. It is designed to help save money by eliminating the need to create duplicate testing operations for electronics contract manufacturing and in-house development of printed circuit boards. It also helps to save time by providing comprehensive functional test interface solutions designed to work in concert with in-circuit testing and other test systems and integration. Instead of focusing just on one area and then needing to provide a more thorough test, PCB test fixtures are designed to test the entire assembly, not just the individual components. The goal is to simulate the environment in which the actual assembly will be performing, either as a consumer product or out in the field for commercial and industrial applications. Quality functional test interface solutions can test up to 100 percent of the products before they are shipped for the best results.

Some examples of the types of PCB test fixtures and solutions used include:

  • Solderability testing
  • Contamination testing
  • Peel test
  • Solder float test
  • Time-domain reflectometer testing
  • Micro-sectioning analysis
  • X-ray inspection

Why Choose EMC Technologies

Our engineering and design staff go above and beyond the basic box approach that is used by many other contract designers and manufacturers. Our entire team works diligently to provide our customers with full-service contract design and manufacturing in its true meaning. Many of our clients consider us to be partners in their challenges to overcome new technologies and requirements for printed circuit board design and PCB test fixtures solutions. We address each project as a complete system, including the evaluation of package limitations, interfacing conditions, dimensioning and tolerance issues, environmental constraints, and mounting requirements. We work together with each client to address their specific needs, apply a variety of solutions for test systems and integration, and using our mastery in electro-mechanical design to create options for communications, military, defense, avionics, industrial, and medical markets.

When it comes to printed circuit board design, our designs can accommodate a wide range of requirements, including simple double-sided PCBs and more complex, multi-layer designs. Our designs can be accomplished directly from the customer’s specifications or developed entirely by our team at EMC Technologies. We work with PCB designs in both PADS and Allegro format, to meet a variety of customer needs and requirements. We use the design and manufacture of PCBs as an integral component of the functional test interface adapter for many reasons. Some of those influences include greater signal integrity and repeatability to reduce debugging time. We also find that in-house design and manufacture of PCBs helps us to create faster, less expensive exact duplicates of interface test adapters (ITAs) and provide better organization of relays, power and ground busses, and signal conditioning components.

Quality Printed Circuit Board Design

If you are interested in learning more about our abilities to provide custom services and solutions for printed circuit board design, custom test systems and integration, and functional test interface options for a variety of consumer, commercial, industrial, and military industries, contact our team directly at 508-672-0808. We can answer any questions that you might have about our work with PCB test fixtures and contract services, machining and prototyping, design and assembly, and other engineering services.