printed circuit board testingTest fixture solutions for printed circuit board design and assembly is a crucial part of the manufacturing process. A reputable contractor should offer a variety of solutions for testing to ensure consistent and repeatable results. Custom functional test fixtures and other custom test solutions for printed circuit boards (PCBs) are used to ensure the quality and function of the PCBs for the development of consumer and industrial electronics. While there are several methods that can be used to test printed circuit board design, functional testing is by far the most reliable and essential. However, depending on the PCB and the finished product, custom test solutions might be required to best meet the demands of the project.

In-Circuit Testing Procedures

One of the most widely used types of testing for printed circuit board design is in-circuit testing or ICT. Compared to other test fixture solutions, ICT is quite costly, depending on the PCB and fixture size, as well as other relative factors. The ICT works by powering up and actuating the individual circuitry on the PCB and can offer between 85-100 percent coverage. The integrity of the solder connection, reliability of the access points that are pre-designed in the board itself, and other unique features are all tested with the ICT testing process. Because printed circuit board design can be very unique and created specifically for an innovative piece of machinery or electronics, custom test solutions are often necessary.

In-circuit testing is best used with mature products that have already undergone extensive prototyping and reviews with custom functional test fixtures. The reason for this is the highly custom requirements for an ICT test fixture solution, which would be extremely costly to make changes or adjustments to partway through the production process. While widely used for the testing and verification of printed circuit board, the custom test solutions for in-circuit testing are not necessarily the most cost-effective type of testing used for PCBs during design, development, prototyping, and manufacturing for most business models.

Functional Testing Procedures

Custom functional test fixtures are used by many different industries for the verification of performance in consumer, commercial, industrial, and military devices, machinery, and equipment. Functional testing can be used to meet requirements for UL, MSHA, and other industry standards, as well as meet specifications set by the customer or end-user for best results. At EMC Technologies, our team of highly trained and experienced PCB engineers can aid in the development of custom test solutions designed to meet your specific needs and industry regulations. We go above and beyond the basic box approach of many contract designers and manufacturers to provide our clients with full-service contract design and manufacturing in its true meaning.

Our printed circuit board design and custom functional test fixture solutions can accommodate requirements from simple double-sided PCBs to more complex, multi-layer designs. These can be accomplished directly from the customer’s requirements or developed entirely in-house by EMC Technologies engineers and technicians. Our PCB designs are available in both PADS and Allegro format to best meet the needs of our customers. We utilize the design and manufacture of PCBs as an integral component of the interface test adapter for various reasons, including greater signal integrity and repeatability, reduced debugging time, improved organization of relays, and much more. Speak with our team about your needs for custom test solutions to use with functional testing procedures for printed circuit board testing.

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