functional test fixturesWe offer our clients the opportunity to work with a variety of different test system options based on their needs and requirements for functional test fixtures. The decision to choose between a mobile test station and a universal test station can depend on the product you are testing or where it will be tested. Mobile computer-based test stations provide a wide range of test solutions to help businesses save money and achieve more cost-effective testing. On the other hand, a universal test station can provide more precise test solutions, offers multiple expansion capabilities, and has the ability to reduce the cost for performing tests on similar product types and configurations. Which one is best suited for your needs?

Functional Test Fixtures for Industry

We often say that we create our functional test fixtures to serve a specific industry, but the truth is that we design and manufacture solutions for each client as an individual. That means establishing highly flexible test solutions for clients in the data and telecommunications industries who require cost-effective and testing that is easily adaptable for both complicated and high-volume testing. We also utilize a variety of test system options for our clients who work in the medical and semiconductor industries, based on their unique industry requirements and specifications that must be met. Validation and acceptance testing are also necessary to ensure that suppliers continue to match their internal requirements.

Our team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians work together, co-developing hardware and software simultaneously to meet any time, test, or cost constraints of the project. In many situations, the benefits of mobile test station solutions are best suited for this type of project. However, because each client’s needs are unique, EMC Technologies continues to work on a case-by-case basis to ensure that these requirements are not assumed based on past projects with other clients who work with similar testing objectives. The sooner we can start working with a client to identify their needs and establish the path that needs to be taken to achieve their goals, the better the results will be for everyone involved.

Key Features of a Mobile Test Station

There are many reasons why our clients choose to work with the mobile test station options for their functional test fixtures. The mobile test station features a built-in computer and monitor, as well as all necessary test interfaces. Modular electrical and mechanical interfaces are used. We work to reduce costs by maximizing the use of “off the shelf” parts and components, which also expedites the process of creating the custom testing station. Our mobile test station options feature a built-in network and fiber optic capabilities. All station wiring and configurations are well-organized and documented for ease of use.

The expansion areas of the mobile test station have been designed to include easy-to-use adaptor panels and plates. EMC Technologies has also designed in quick access to all inside resources to help maximize the ability to provide a wide variety of test solutions at efficient costs. The flexibility of the mobile test station also works to take full advantage of the test floor area to benefit the user during testing. Our work with each client to ensure that all test solutions are highly flexible, cost-effective, and easily adaptable makes these test stations even more valuable. Making the switch from benchtop testing to rack-based stations provides the user with many advantages, such as reducing costs and decreasing test development times.

Key Features of a Universal Test Station

For those who require more precise test solutions and options for expansion capabilities, a universal test station is an excellent option. Some of the key features of this type of test station include a front slide-out rack shelving, which allows for easy removal of instruments for frequent calibration. This helps to ensure reliable and repeatable results across the board. A center fixture receiver backplane fixture is interchangeable with other fixtures to help maximize the return on investment for these functional test fixtures. Each part type or family uses a small personality “daughter” card to interface with the test station for even more flexibility.

Our engineers provide soft tie downs and offer organized wire harnessing that is designed to assist the user in rapid access for expansion requirements. We have also designed in quick access to all inside resources. Our universal test station utilizes LabVIEW software via IEEE 488 buss for test instrument communication. We can also develop test-specific stations with popular features such as Halt/Hass stations for temperature and vibration, as well as EMI, RF, and EMC compliant test stations. We can accommodate clients who require active and passive electronic loads and load simulators and offer mechanical-only holding, clamping, and multi-axis stations, depending on the testing demands.

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