product testing manufacturingIn order to meet the demands of our customers and achieve the results that they need for custom functional testing, we need to offer services that go beyond expectations. In addition to product testing manufacturing at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility, we also offer electro-mechanical metal assembling processes for the custom functional test fixtures that we develop. Machining and fabrication are essential to creating solutions that account for specialty mounting requirements, environmental constraints, dimensioning and tolerance issues, and evaluation of package limitations to address each project as a complete system.

Specialized Engineers and Technicians

Our team applies their mastery in electro-mechanical design, machining and fabrication to create solutions for our clients who serve the medical, industrial, avionics, communications, and military markets. Our product testing manufacturing expertise helps us to produce manufacturable world-class designs more efficiently to help our clients meet all budgetary requirements and time constraints. We are able to deliver complete in-house machining and fabrication services for the development of custom functional test fixtures and interface test adapters. Our machine shop includes a wide range of specialized equipment and state-of-the-art machinery, including CNC milling centers, knee-mills, lathes, drilling equipment, and sheet metal brakes.

Having the unique ability to fabricate nearly any machined part gives us a clear advantage over other product test solution providers. Whether the client needs a simple aluminum piece or a complicated, tight-tolerance part, we can provide machining and fabrication metal assembling process to help them achieve their goals. Our team of engineers and technicians can help support project development by performing prototyping or run high-volume parts manufacturing in-house without a significant delay in lead times. We can even support a full turn-key project that includes the addition of our experienced engineering services and assembly work or produce solutions with a simple Build to Print machined prototype. We are proud of our ability to step up and offer our clients unexpected services and support in addition to the custom functional test fixtures work that we perform.

Product Testing Manufacturing

The clients that we serve have a lot to do with the experience and knowledge that we have collected over the years. While EMC Technologies began as a service provider for military, military contractors, and aerospace clients, we have since expanded to include customers across many different industries. Commercial manufacturers, telecommunications, networking, medical, computer services, and satellite TV/IP clients are now mixed in with our military, aerospace, military contractor, and other consumer products customers. This diverse array of technology demands and industry requirements has helped our team to stay on their toes, keeping current with all of the latest testing advancements. Demanding projects, challenging technology, and a diverse customer base have all helped us to be in an excellent position to meet today’s testing obstacles head-on.

Our experience in the many different areas of product testing manufacturing has helped us to be proficient in some surprising areas for the advancement of custom functional test fixtures. Tight tolerances in machining and fabrication, metal assembling processes that meet strict specifications, smaller targets, faster speeds, test racks, radiofrequency test fixtures, and temperature considerations are just some examples of the issues we have had to overcome. Our Fall River, Massachusetts facility includes a fully-equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department that is capable of managing the most demanding client and industry requirements. Our team includes engineers and technicians who are highly trained in the areas of mechanical, electrical, and PCB design and product testing manufacturing. Each member, from the sales team all the way on through to the testing department, receives continuous training to ensure that we stay on top of the changing technologies that are inherent in the industry.

Contact our team directly by calling 508-672-0808 to speak with one of our sales engineers or technical project managers about your needs. Whether you require custom functional test fixtures or prefer a turn-key solution for product testing and evaluation, we can help you to achieve your goals. Make sure to ask about our machining and fabrication services, along with our metal assembling processes and services, if this sounds like something you might need. You can trust EMC Technologies to be a partner in your test challenges. We are ready to help you face whatever the future brings in the way of new technologies, faster speeds, smaller targets, and increased industry outsourcing.