Bench Technician – Electrical

Bench Technician – Electrical

Job Description

We are seeking an Electrical Bench Technician to become a part of our team! In this role, you will be responsible for fabricating electrical test equipment using schematics, wire list, written and verbal instructions. The potential for growth is largely dependent on the candidate’s success. We’re a small company with a lot of potential – we just need to continue adding the right pieces to our puzzle!


  • Inspect assigned test equipment assembly kit for completeness of material, identify and note any shortages. Notify the Cognizant Project Manager of any discrepancies.
  • Review Assembly information with the Design Engineer to ensure that the latest revision of any wire list and/or schematics is present in the Assembly packet.
  • With the assistance of Mechanical Bench Technicians, Quality Control, and Project Manager Fabricate the assigned piece of Test Equipment.
  • Wherever possible inspect the assigned piece of equipment for errors on a daily basis. Coordinate with Quality Control and the Project Manager for “progressive inspection” of sub – assemblies.
  • After completion of assigned piece of test equipment assist Quality Control in final inspection when requested. Perform any rework required to complete the job. Sign – off all appropriate paperwork.
  • Inventory and identify any excess material for return to stock or customer.


  • Highly detail-oriented
  • Must work well in a fast-paced environment and under pressure
  • Organization is critical as you will shift frequently between projects as needed

Guidelines for Success

Full-time, Hourly

Fall River, MA