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Interface Test Adapters: Industries Using Functional Testing

Interface Test Adapters for Military and DefenseWhich industries rely the most on the electronic test industry? While some may be obvious, such as consumer electronics, others may be surprising. Custom design and manufacturing of interface test adapters and functional test solutions is essential to the success of many different industries. Whether you require the use of a universal or mobile test station, wired or wireless testing solutions, printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies or completely custom options, you can get it all when you work with EMC Technologies.

Military and Defense Industries

Back in 1997, the team of engineers and the company that eventually became EMC Technologies specialized in creating custom solutions for military and defense clients. In fact, our initial focus was solely on the functional test needs of the military. Our base evolved to include a mix of military, military defense contractors, and commercial customers. Today we design and manufacture solutions for a wide range of military and defense clients. We are proud of the groundbreaking work that we have completed in the development of highly customized interface test adapters (ITAs) designed to support military airplane programs and multinational missile programs.

Branching out to work with other industries outside of military and defense has been an advantage that we have shared with our customers. A wide demographic of demanding customers, challenging products, and cutting-edge technology has helped us to stay current with the latest testing advancements. Some of our most proficient areas include high speed, tight tolerance, test racks for universal and mobile test station solutions, RF test fixtures, and temperature within the electronic test industry. We believe strongly that our scope of projects that we have worked on has helped us to be even more of an asset to our military and defense clients.

Networking and Telecommunications

Both of these industries have seen exponential growth in recent years. Their needs concerning custom design and manufacturing of functional test fixtures and interface test adapters have increased as well, making them an integral part of the advances made in the electronic test industry. Faster, smaller, and more dynamic consumer products and professional solutions are seemingly developed on a daily basis. Removable access panels for our universal and mobile test station solutions help them to be more flexible and readily available to adapt to industry growth and change. Data and telecommunications will often require highly flexible test solutions. They must also be cost-effective and easy-to-adapt for high-volume and complicated testing.

Computer Servers

Another industry that we have made great strides in is the computer server industry. Whether it is for a single server in a small business or custom design and manufacturing for a comprehensive server room at a large corporation, our team can help. The knowledge, training, and experience of our team members give us a considerable advantage over the competition. Hardware and software are co-developed simultaneously to meet the test, time, and cost constraints for our clients. Mobile computer-based test stations provide the option to use a wide range of test solutions at very efficient costs, while a universal test station is often the best choice for precise test solutions that can be performed on similar product types and configurations.

Medical Device Development

When it comes to medical and biomedical test solutions, this industry typically requires rigorous validation and acceptance testing to meet regulations and requirements. Our goal is to meet or exceed expectations and industry standards to provide custom design and manufacturing of universal and mobile test station solutions, printed circuit board (PCB) design and manufacturing, interface test adapters, and other electronic test industry solutions. New products will often share the same test resources as legacy counterparts, providing developers with lower test costs and test development times. Test-specific stations are also available, providing options and compliance with a number of industry parameters.

Visit our Test Systems and Integration page for a complete description of mobile test station, universal test station, and test-specific testing stations. We also feature videos that highlight the test system overview for the custom design and manufacturing of test stations, functional test fixtures, and interface test adapters for the electronic test industry. To get a FREE estimate for our services or to learn more about the options available at EMC Technologies, give us a call at 508-672-0808 or use our online contact form to reach out to our sales team.