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Improve Industry Test Solutions: Wireless Functional Testing

Wireless Functional Testing - Industry Test SolutionsManufacturers are always looking for new ways to improve industry test solutions to provide them with the best possible results. Wireless fixtures have been used for in-circuit testing for many years now, far surpassing the results of other wired solutions for the testing of high node-count complex printed circuit boards (PCBs). There are many advantages to choosing wireless functional testing as part of your custom test solutions to assure quality control during and after production. The performance advantage alone for testing today’s denser and more complex electronic devices makes it worth the investment. Complications that arise from smaller test pads that are more closely spaced can result in issues with crosstalk and coupling problems for wired testing solution.

Performance Verification for a Variety of Applications

EMC Technologies designs and manufactures both wireless and discretely wired functional test fixtures that are used to test performance for printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies. We have provided custom test solutions for commercial customers who work across many different industries. Some of those industries include medical equipment, networking devices, computer servers, satellite TV/IP, and telecommunications. We are proud to have also developed highly customized interface test adapters (ITAs) for clients that serve the military, defense, aerospace, and subcontracted military projects.

We strongly believe that our unique ability to meet the demands of such a broad range of clients and industries has helped us to successfully meet the challenges of wireless functional testing for today’s advanced electronics. Our work has helped us to stay current with all of the latest testing strategies and make great strides in the development of custom test solutions. For example, a general overview of our interface test adapters development includes custom backplane PCB with power and ground connections; custom utility board PCB with addition loads and relays; removable access panels; and redundant interface, featuring multiple connections to a single point.

Why Choose Wireless Functional Testing

The three primary ways that contact can be established for the testing of printed circuit boards include long-wire, short-wire, and wireless functional testing. Most custom test solutions for industry involve the use of wireless functional testing, due to its superior abilities for performance. Long-wire and short-wire fixtures have difficulty meeting the demands of today’s technology. The smaller devices and more compact internal designs create the potential for signal-fidelity issues. For best results, it is important to choose the best fixturing approach for the specific application in order to meet the needs of the product.

In the beginning, wireless functional testing was introduced to address the limitations experienced by long-wire and short-wire fixtures. Multi-layer printed circuit boards replace the nested area of signal wires. Known as a T-board, this type of PCB features double-ended probes, which connect to the DUT (device under test) for testing. Wireless custom test solutions offer a much more reliable performance than wired fixtures due to the ability to control exactly how each trace is routed. Wireless solutions are easier to duplicate, providing nearly identical performance and consistency, due to the lack of moving wires. Overall, wireless functional testing delivers better crosstalk, reflection, and noise characteristics to benefit the commercial and industrial applications.

Other benefits of wireless functional testing include:

  • better crosstalk
  • improved reflection
  • greater noise characteristics
  • increased probing accuracy
  • reduced debugging time for prototypes

Contact EMC Technologies for Custom Test Solutions

Our facility in Fall River, Massachusetts features a fully-equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department, which is capable of managing even the most demanding requirements. Our staff includes highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians who work with the latest design tools and equipment for mechanical, electrical, and PCB development. Even our sales department includes engineers who specialize in applications and technical projects. When you contact our team for a FREE estimate on the development of custom test solutions, you gain access to an extremely qualified group of engineers and technicians who receive continuous training to ensure their expertise in the ever-changing technologies of the industry. Give us a call at 508-672-0808 to speak with one of our team members about your specific needs and requirements.