electronic test industryThe primary goal of the electronic test industry is to prove the proper operation of a device. If there are errors, custom functional test fixtures are designed to trace any faults within the system so they can be repaired. There are many different methods used for functional testing, including test-specific options, depending on the needs of the client. EMC Technologies utilizes a variety of equipment to create these solutions, including printed circuit board (PCB) testing and automatic test equipment (ATE), to best meet industry demands and customer requirements.

The Key to Success

Electronic test industry equipment is the key to the success of any business that relies on electronics systems to develop parts, components, or products for industry or consumer end users. Custom functional test fixtures are used to create signals and capture responses from the device under test (DUT) or unit under test (UUT). The cost for these test solutions can vary widely, depending on the complexity of the functional testing requirements. At EMC Technologies, we use advanced solutions for the development of circuits and systems during production testing. Our team of highly educated, trained, and experienced engineers and technicians can provide a wide range of products, services, and solutions to support the ever-changing needs and challenges posed by our clients.

Many different types of testing are used by the electronic test industry in the design and manufacturing of electronic products, devices, and equipment. If functional testing solutions fail to accurately anticipate the electromagnetic compatibility of a device, it could result in dire consequences—the risk increases depending on the industry and how the equipment would be used. For example avionics, military, and telecommunications industries all have different demands and requirements, but all share the need for accurate testing to assure the safety, performance, and accuracy of the device under test. Our goal is to provide our clients with a clear and accurate picture of how the product will operate under real-world conditions and in real-world situations when surrounded by potential interference.

Printed Circuit Boards

While many different manufacturers and developers utilize electromagnetic compatibility testing for a wide range of products across many diverse industries, the custom nature of the test itself can vary. Custom functional test fixtures and the custom design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards is also extremely essential to the process. It serves as an integral component of the interface test adapter (ITA) to improve signal integrity and repeatability during testing. Reliable and repeatable testing is essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical devices, lighting products, telecommunications equipment, and avionics devices.

The work that EMC Technologies does for our clients who serve the military, defense, and military contractor industries is of the utmost importance. We work diligently to create custom functional testing solutions that will improve the safety and integrity of the devices, products, and equipment that they are developing. Our team of designers, engineers, and technicians work together with the client to create custom functional test fixtures and solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of each client. We go above and beyond the basic box approach that is used by many contract designers within the electronic test industry. We provide full-service contract design and manufacturing that fully addresses the project as a complete system.

The EMC Technologies Difference

We are proud to have earned the loyalty and partnership of our clients throughout the years as we have faced many industry changes and challenges together. We apply our knowledge and skills in electromechanical design to create custom functional test fixtures and solutions for many diverse industries. Our many years of experience have seen us produce world-class designs more efficiently and effectively than ever before, providing our clients with the very best in functional testing solutions. We have vast experience with custom functional test fixtures, radiofrequency (RF) functional testing, test systems and integration, custom cables, and a wide range of advanced functional testing solutions. To learn more about the products that we provide, contact our team at 508-672-0808 to discuss your electronic test industry needs. We can answer any questions you might have about our services, background, and experience and help you find custom solutions for your industry development and testing requirements.