Functional Testing for Industry: PCB Performance Verification

pcb performance verificationAt EMC Technologies, we work with a wide range of discretely wired, wireless, and specialty functional test fixtures that are used for performance verification of printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies. We take pride in the work that we do and are proud that our clients view us as a partner in their testing challenges. Our team has custom designed and built wage guide adapters for many different applications. We also have a lot of experience working with developing test adapters and test stations for verification of radiofrequency (RF) circuit assemblies and microwave subassemblies. Functional testing for industry can mean providing a wide range of services, which can include printed circuit board design, fabrication, assembly, and testing, as well as electro-mechanical assembly.

Designing & Manufacturing Functional Test Fixtures

Whatever your needs with regard to functional testing for industry, our team at EMC Technologies can help you achieve your goals. In addition to our custom work with designing and manufacturing interface test adapters and test fixtures for our clients, we also offer turn-key solutions design to meet all of your test interface needs. We stock a full line of mass interconnect test products, which includes kits, receivers, and blocks. We can set you up with a full line of functional test products designed for use with VXI and PXI applications or that utilize Virginia Panel, Agilent, Teradyne, and other reputable interface connectors as their platforms. We can supply you with all of the equipment and provide comprehensive electrical and manufacturing support to address your requirements.

Our facility in Southeastern Massachusetts boasts a fully equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department, which give us the ability to manage even the most demanding projects. We work with each client to design and manufacture wireless and discretely wired functional test fixtures and interface equipment that can be used for PCB performance verification and assemblies used in a variety of applications. Some of our specific areas of proficiency include high speed, tight tolerance, temperature, test racks, and RF test fixtures. However, our highly trained, skilled, and experienced team of mechanical, electrical, and PCB engineers and technicians can tackle pretty much any challenge that comes our way.

Quality Functional Testing for Industry

When you work with EMC Technologies, you gain a partner in your testing challenges. We can provide you with a wide range of services to ensure performance verification based on your industry requirements and regulations. Printed circuit board design and assembly can be accomplished directly from the customer’s own specifications or developed entirely in-house by our team. We utilize the design and manufacture of PCBs as an integral component of the interface test adapter for a variety of different reasons. Functional test fixtures and interface test adapters are custom-designed to help each customer achieve their goals of functional testing for industry.

Some of the techniques and strategies used in our designs include a complete six-sided metal enclosure for the testing of RF circuit assemblies and microwave subassemblies that is sealed with EMI-shielded gaskets and RF silicone to help isolate the unit under test from any electromagnetic interference. Other designs have included semi-rigid triple-shielded coax cables, rigid coax cables, SMA and BNC connectors, and PCBs fabricated with Rogers Material. Matched impedance traces in PCB design, RF rotary switches, RF power sensors, and coax switches are some of the other features we have been able to design in to address the specialized needs of our customers.

Robust, Precise, and Repeatable

These are just some of the words that come to mind when you hear about our RF functional test fixtures and cutting-edge work with RF test adapters and other functional testing for industry. Product testing at first manufacture, during its lifecycle, and as part of ongoing functional testing and calibration check is paramount to the success that we enjoy while working with our clients. We strongly believe that our strength and competitive advantage lie in our cross-functional engineering team, which includes an experienced group of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and PCB designers. To learn more about EMC Technologies or speak with one of our team members about your needs for functional test fixtures, you can give us a call at 508-672-0808. We are happy to answer any questions you might have or help you place your first order.