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Functional Test Fixtures for the Electronic Testing Industry

Functional test fixturesElectronic manufacturing companies rely heavily on the electronic test industry to develop functional test fixtures that they can use for quality assurance. Whether the client makes everything in-house at their own factory or if they utilize sub-components from another manufacturer, it is important to use a functional test interface and various interface test adapters to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be tested using a standard or custom functional test that focuses specifically on the performance of the PCB or sub-component that is used in manufacturing. Our clients work with our functional test division to create solutions designed to meet their needs and ensure that the products they produce meet safety, industry, and government regulations and standards.

Many Different Solutions for Industry

Stand-alone tests can be used to check the quality assurance for the specific function of a printed circuit board, providing a given input and then checking for the desired result. The output is measured, and data is collected regarding the function to ensure quality performance. Any sub-components that are used should be inspected to make sure they fit the finished product through the use of a functional test interface.

The use of functional test fixtures and the overall testing process developed by the electronic test industry are a significant step in the integration of multiple sub-components and PCBs within a larger assembly. Layers of testing are sometimes required to ensure that everything fits together and functions as a whole without experiencing any issues or problems with the individual parts or when everything comes together as a completed project.

The Use of Pass/Fail Testing

Another option for any functional test division is to choose a custom functional test that will provide a simple pass/fail response on a finished printed circuit board before shipping. For many manufacturers, this is the final step in the manufacturing process, and it is used to validate that the finished product is free of any defects that could negatively impact function. PCBs that are not functioning properly can cause the manufactured product that they were designed for to experience failure.

Functional test fixtures are used to verify the function and behavior of each PCB throughout the development phase and before shipping the completed product. If necessary, custom solutions should be developed by a trusted source in the electronic test industry, such as EMC Technologies, to create parameters to check any specific requirements for the PCB. The procedures used for this type of testing in development can vary widely, depending on the PCB itself and the system in which it will be used.

The functional test interface is designed to go directly to the PCB under testing through the connector or another type of test point to simulate the anticipated environment. Basic to sophisticated features can be used to test the PCB, depending on the client’s needs and requirements. Any custom tests should simulate the operating environment to maximize data collection and results.

Developing Custom Functional Test Fixtures

For best results, manufacturers should work with experienced leaders in the electronic test industry to develop custom functional test fixtures for testing PCBs and other sub-components. The closer you can work with the engineering team to create a functional test interface or integrate other interface test adapters to suit your needs, the more effective the results will ultimately be. When designed effectively, you should be able to check all parameters of the function for a product, while increasing productivity by making the tool more effective and efficient.

The potential to use functional test fixtures for other types of testing will increase the value of the solutions created by the electronic test industry. At EMC Technologies we can accommodate the requirements of our clients to provide testing for simple double-sided PCBs all the way to complicated multi-layer designs. Development can come from in-house designs created with our engineers or for designs that come from your own requirements.

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