test specific solutionsDifferent industries have a unique set of challenges that they have to overcome in order to develop devices, electronics, equipment, and products that are safe, effective, and efficient. Certain electronics have small feature sets and provide long shelf lives, allowing for the use of dedicated test specific solutions. While this works well when producing high volumes of products that do not change much throughout their lifetime, for rapidly changing industries, such as consumer electronics, more flexibility is required. Large feature sets, short shelf lives, and ever expanding consumer demands have caused the electronics industry to gravitate toward flexible functional test fixtures that can accommodate a wider range of evolving products.

Cost-Effective Solutions

One way to meet the increasing demand for flexible testing solutions is to utilize multi-product test stations, including mobile test station and universal test station options, instead of test specific solutions. While some developers have become proficient at adapting their out-of-the-box test stations to meet their needs, the better approach is to work with a functional test fixturing company to create a custom solution that will provide more effective, reliable, and repeatable results. In addition to the consumer electronics industry, data and telecommunications both require test solutions that are highly flexible and can be easily adapted to offer both complicated and high-volume testing.

Our experience working with many different clients across multiple industries has helped us to become proficient at finding solutions that match the needs and requirements of each client as an individual. For example, rigorous validation and acceptance testing from suppliers to match or exceed internal requirements is a hallmark of the work that we do for our clients who work in the medical and semiconductor industries. The solutions that we create are designed to meet those industry demands head on without missing a beat. We co-develop hardware and software simultaneously to meet all time, test, and cost constraints.

Mobile Test Stations

Clients who are looking to develop flexible solutions to provide a diverse array of testing at efficient costs are well-suited for a mobile computer-based test station. Mobile test stations feature a built-in computer and monitor with test interfaces, including modular electrical and mechanical options. To reduce costs and provide all of the features required by the client, our team maximizes the use of “off the shelf” parts and components and relies on a built-in network and fiber optic capabilities to perform the desired tests.

EMC Technologies provides our clients with a well-organized and documented station wiring and configurations so they can be easily adapted and expanded upon over time. Designed in expansion areas with easy-to-use adapter panels and plates, as well as quick access to all internal resources, helps to make the mobile test station solution even more valuable. Because new products in the same industry must often share the same test resources as their legacy counterparts to decrease testing costs and improve development times, the mobile test station is ideal for many of our clients.

Universal Test Stations

Clients who are looking for functional test fixtures with precise testing solutions and capabilities for expansion with reduced costs for similar product types are a good candidate for our universal test station solutions. Similar to the mobile test station, universal test station options are much more flexible than test specific solutions, offering expansion and adaptable testing for similar configurations. Our universal test station solutions feature front slide-out rack shelving to provide clients with easy instrument removal and frequent calibration. The center fixture backplane is interchangeable with other fixtures, and each part type or family relies on small personality daughter cards to interface with the test station.

For clients who do require test specific solutions, EMC Technologies can provide specific feature options such as temperature, vibration, EMI, RF, EMC compliant testing, active and passive electronic loads, integrated pneumatic, electrical, and hydraulic stations, along with many other options. If you are interested in learning more about our test systems, functional test fixtures, and custom solutions, contact our team by calling 508-672-0808. We can answer any questions you might have about the mobile test station and universal test station solutions or provide you with details about our electronic test industry products.