custom test stations for industryBefore our team of engineers and technicians go to work on the development of custom test solutions, we take time to get to know everything we can about our clients and the products that they want to test. This helps us to develop highly flexible test solutions that will best suit their needs, providing cost-effective custom test stations that will help them to achieve their goals. Every industry has different requirements that must be met in order to stay on top of government regulations. Our many years of experience working with clients across many different industries has provided us with insight into what they need and what we must do in order to help them remain compliant with industry standards. Mobile test station, universal test station, and highly custom interface test adapters (ITAs) are just some of the ways that we help our clients to meet or exceed industry requirements and regulations.

Different Needs for Different Industries

One of the advantages that we have in working with so many unique industries is understanding what type of functional testing is required to help them achieve their goals. Industry standards, government regulations, and other requirements make it necessary to take a different approach or use a different type of test station to meet those demands. Mobile test station, universal test station, and test-specific stations all have different advantages that our clients can take advantage of to ensure that they are testing their products, parts, and components to guarantee quality and reliability.

  • Medical Industry – rigorous validation and acceptance testing is required from their suppliers to ensure that their parts, products, and components match industry requirements for safety and dependability
  • Data and Telecommunications – highly flexible test solutions are typical for these industries; clients often look for options that are cost-effective and can be adapted easily to complicated and high-volume testing requirements
  • Semiconductor Industry – similar to the medical industry, these clients often give us the task of establishing testing solutions that can provide them with the rigorous validation they need to meet or exceed internal or industry requirements
  • Military, Defense, and Military Subcontractor – we have developed highly customized interface test adapters (ITAs) to support military airplane programs, multinational missile programs, and aerospace projects for these clients

As a result of our work with demanding customers and challenging products, EMC Technologies has been able to stay current with the latest testing advancements and industry requirements. Some of the areas where we are particularly proficient include high speed, test racks, RF test fixtures, tight tolerances, and temperature. Our staff includes mechanical, electrical, and printed circuit board (PCB) engineers and technicians who work with the latest design tools and equipment. Even our sales support group includes highly educated, trained, and experienced individuals that work as sales engineers, applications engineers, and technical project managers.

Mobile Test Station Solutions

For our clients who are searching for mobile computer-based test stations to ensure that they can perform a wide range of test solutions in a cost-effective manner, we will recommend the mobile test station approach. There are some clear advantages of choosing the mobile test station, such as the use of modular electrical and mechanical interfaces, built-in network and fiber optic capabilities, and designed expansion areas that feature easy-to-use adapter panels and plates. We also have designed-in fast access to all inside resources while maximizing the use of the test floor area, included “off the shelf” parts and components to reduce cost, while providing a built-in computer, monitor, and test interfaces.

Universal Test Station Solutions

Clients who require precise test solutions, but also need the ability to expand testing as their needs change and evolve, are well-suited for the universal test station approach. This method can help our clients reduce costs for similar product types and configurations, making it perfect for electronics and telecommunications clients who are continually designing, manufacturing, and producing new technology to keep up with industry and consumer demands. Some of the key features of the universal test station include a center fixture receiver backplane that is interchangeable with other fixtures, soft tie downs and organized wire harnessing for rapid expansion and access. We also have designed-in fast access to all inside resources and provide a front slide-out rack shelving for easy instrument removal for frequent calibration and accuracy. Clients use LabVIEW software via IEEE 488 buss for test instrument communication.

Test-Specific Station Solutions

Some clients come to us and need specific testing requirements to be met to ensure quality, performance, reliability, and ability to perform properly in extreme conditions or environments. Some of the test-specific stations that we have developed include EMI, RF, EMC compliant test stations, temperature and vibration (Halt/Hass) stations, active and passive electronic loads and load simulators, and integrated electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic stations. To see the full list of our experience or speak with one of our engineers about your test-specific requirements, visit our website, or contact our team directly.

Whatever your test needs, EMC Technologies can help you to meet or exceed industry standards, government regulations, or your own expectations with our custom test stations and interface test adapters. If you would like to speak with one of our engineers about the development of test systems and integration for all of your functional test needs, give us a call at 508-672-0808. We are ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and ITAR Registered.