EMC Technologies: The Importance of Custom Functional Testing

functional test fixturesMany modern enterprises can’t function without the trustworthiness and safety of their electronic devices. As a result, functional test solutions play an increasingly crucial role in ensuring the quality of products for sale on the consumer, commercial, and industrial markets. Custom functional testing, wired functional testing, and wireless functional testing are all services offered by EMC Technologies. The performance of electronic assemblies and PCBs can be verified by using the functional test solutions we design and manufacture (EAs). Our customers include manufacturers and distributors of industrial and military goods, as well as avionics and military-defense firms from around the world. The commercial application industries are another client base of ours. Our ISO 9001: 2015 and ITAR-registered engineers and technicians work closely with each client to develop custom solutions that meet their needs and those of the market as a whole.

EMC Technologies Custom Solutions

Having access to tailored functional test solutions is essential when dealing with prototypes and finished products on the assembly line. Customers utilize our wired functional test fixtures in addition to our wireless test fixtures to ensure their products are safe, effective, and fully functional before they go into production. Tests need to be reliable, repeatable, and consistent to ensure the best results. At the end of the manufacturing process, it is essential to double-check that the product is completely functional in every way. Using EMC Technologies’ functional test solutions for custom functional testing can help customers reach their goals and maintain quality control of their manufactured products, components, and parts.

Even though end-of-line testing is necessary, it’s preferable to start testing as early as possible to find issues during development and prototyping. Not only would this help save money by avoiding the need to scrap an expensive product and start over, but it would also speed up production and get the product to market more quickly. To succeed in the highly competitive market for high-tech consumer electronics, companies need to race to market with a reliable, accurate product that will help build their reputation among consumers. Time and money can be conserved by finding and fixing production issues early on, when they are cheapest to fix. Companies that are pioneering and setting the development pace can help when there is no standard test option available by providing appropriate testing for one-of-a-kind items.

Wireless and Wired Functional Testing

EMC Technologies has also developed highly specialized interface test adapters for our clientele (ITAs). We have experience working with military, aerospace, and subcontracted military programs to provide solutions for a wide range of demanding clients and complex goods. We believe that our expertise and dedication allow us to remain current in the realm of testing methodology. In addition to helping each and every one of our customers, this also provides us with the information, experience, and tools we need to grow and adapt in the years ahead. Some of the ITAs we have developed for customers include custom utility board PCBs with extra loads and relays, redundant interfaces with multiple connections to a single point, and backplane PCBs with power and ground connections.

Our company has grown from its roots as a developer and manufacturer of functional test solutions for the military and its subcontracted military clients to serve a wider range of consumer, commercial, and industrial clients. Recently, we have completed projects in a wide variety of industries, including satellite TV/IP, networking, telecommunications, healthcare, computer servers, and aerospace clients. As a premier provider of functional test fixturing, we focus intently on the individual needs of each client in order to develop customized solutions for functional testing that not only meet but exceed expectations. Smaller goals, higher speeds, cutting-edge technology, and an uptick in business outsourcing are just some of the challenges we have tackled as a team in preparation for the future. We intend to stay future-ready by maintaining a keen focus on our customers, actively recruiting and nurturing top-tier talent, and making steady investments in technological progress.

Functional Testing Industry

Our Fall River, Massachusetts facility is equipped with a fully functional electro-mechanical assembly section to meet even the most stringent of standards. Despite our New England base, we serve customers all over the world with top-notch wired functional test fixtures and wireless test fixtures. Our mechanical, electrical, and printed circuit board engineers and technicians utilize cutting-edge design software and hardware to provide results that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our valued clients. To get in touch with a sales engineer, please fill out our online contact form or give us a call at 508-672-0808 if you have any questions about our functional test solutions.