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custom functional testingIt is crucial to comprehend the various facets and particular requirements of each testable object when designing and producing test fixture solutions for industry. Functional test fixtures are used to evaluate performance and confirm safety, as well as other specific types of testing. Depending on who you talk to or the industry that is being served, they may also be referred to as a unit under test (UUT), device under test (DUT), or equipment under test (EUT). EMC Technologies provides services to clients in the military, defense, aerospace, military subcontractor, and commercial sectors. This technology is frequently utilized across many various industries to guarantee the functionality of a manufactured product or component. Consumer electronics, telecommunications, networking, computer servers, satellite TV/IP, and medical industry goods are just a few of the custom functional testing solutions we’ve worked on.

Custom Functional Test Fixtures

Our staff of skilled engineers and technicians consults with each client to ascertain their particular needs for function test fixtures. We take pleasure in our ability to collaborate closely with each customer to provide unique unit under test solutions that satisfy all of their testing requirements in terms of speed, environment, and time. Smaller targets, faster speeds, more outsourced compliance, and new technology are some of the difficulties we have assisted our clients in overcoming. It is simpler to produce custom functional testing solutions tailored specifically for their needs for prototype, production testing, and functional verification the earlier we can begin collaborating with the customer to assist in the development of test fixture solutions.

According to the client’s requirements, mobile test solutions, universal test rack alternatives, and even test-specific wireless test fixtures can be created. In order to develop affordable, versatile, and adaptable solutions for bespoke testing, mobile test solutions have several advantages, including simple flexibility, built-in network and fiber optic capabilities, expansion areas, and quick access to all resources. We provide functional test fixtures for a variety of industries, including networking tools, telecommunications equipment, personal electronics, and more. For customers who require testing of a similar product type with comparable settings, universal test stations can provide more precise test solutions and capabilities while charging less. In addition to many other choices, test-specific solutions can concentrate on EMI, RF, and EMC compliant testing.

Custom Functional Testing Solutions

Depending on the industry being served, the majority of the functional test fixtures we create for clients include a central device that is utilized to interface with the UUT or DUT. In order to carry out specialized RF testing for industry, unit under test solutions that need to be modified for usage with radiofrequency (RF) circuit assemblies are included. For UUT verification, test fixture solutions frequently include specific testing for a given device, component, or subcomponent. As a result, testing may be carried out by the manufacturer at any time during the production process or as a last-minute verification when the manufacturing process is finished. For clients with a variety of requirements, including checking outsourced parts and components after repairs or during manufacturing, we offer discretely connected and wireless test rigs.

For UUT and DUT testing, a power supply is often also necessary. Our experts can incorporate any loads that are required to allow for unit function correction during the test process. Each client will receive a set of personalized functional test fixtures that will yield precise and consistent results. When it comes to testing products, dependability is essential to safeguarding the brand and reputation of the business as well as the safety of end consumers. Custom functional testing solutions are frequently created to accommodate the consumer-specific connectors and environmental restrictions required for the final product’s intended application. Because they have limited access to traditional testing methods, many of our clients turn to EMC Technologies for customized unit under test solutions.

Custom Functional Testing

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