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EMC Technologies: Military RF Functional Testing in the Field

Military RF Functional TestingToday’s military relies heavily on communication and technology for life-and-death situations. Custom functional test tools are required to ensure that everything from radio frequency (RF) devices to power units are functioning correctly without failure in the field. The lives of soldiers and civilians can depend on the success of a product, which is why functional test fixtures and custom military RF functional testing is so important.

EMC Technologies began as a functional test fixturing company with a focus on the functional test needs of the military. Over the years our client base has expanded, including a mix of military and defense, military contractors, and commercial customers. We are ITAR registered and ISO 9001: 2015 Certified to provide our clients with the technology and services they require with a level of quality control designed to meet or exceed their expectations.

Testing for Any Situation

Our military is based all over the globe in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Our soldiers need to operate in freezing weather and hot, humid conditions in an effective and efficient manner. Functional test fixtures need to be designed for use in the laboratory and production line, as well as in the field. This works to guarantee the successful RF functional testing of all features and assemblies regardless of the situation. Custom functional test solutions are often sought by our military and defense clients to determine just how far the equipment and products they are developing can perform.

EMC Technologies designs and manufactures wired and wireless functional test fixtures and interface test adapter (ITA) equipment for the testing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other assemblies within a wide range of applications. In addition to military and defense, we also supply our services for clients working in telecommunications, networking, medical, computer servers, electronics, satellite TV/IP systems, and aerospace. We have experience in providing clients with highly custom ITAs to support multinational missile programs and military airplane projects around the globe.

Adaptable Functional Test Fixtures

In addition to performing RF functional testing in a variety of different environments, clients will often need functional test fixtures to be quickly adapted for use with other products. As the development of new technology changes and evolves, similar products should be able to be tested using the same custom functional test with few modifications, if any. Modular devices developed and manufactured by EMC Technologies can help military contractors and military and defense clients reduce overhead costs and increase the return on their initial investment in custom RF functional testing.

While we work with a wide variety of testing applications and industries, our team of engineers and technicians are highly specialized and proficient in a few specific areas. Those areas include temperature, high speed, tight tolerance, test racks, and RF test fixtures. Our experience working with such a broad range of industries and challenging products has enabled us to stay current with the latest testing advances, providing more significant advantages to our clients. Our many years of working primarily with military functional test fixtures have helped us to establish a solid reputation in the electronic test industry for this field.

Highly Trained & Experienced Staff

One of the big reasons for our success at EMC Technologies is the team of highly trained and experienced individuals who work together to create custom functional test solutions for our clients. Our team includes mechanical, electrical, and printed circuit board (PCB) engineers and technicians who work with all of the latest design tools and equipment. Even our sales support team includes professionals who have backgrounds in sales engineering, applications engineering, and technical project managers. From the very first phone call, we can hit the ground running with experienced team members who can work with each client to determine their needs for RF functional testing and other functional test fixtures.

While our clients enjoy a single point of contact during development, production, and beyond to increase efficiency, communications, and understanding, our project managers coordinate between sales, design, engineering and testing departments. This ensures that all aspects of each project run smoothly to provide the best possible results for our clients. Our goal is to meet or exceed the expectations of each customer we serve from the initial sales call all the way through testing. We provide each member of our team with continuous training to ensure expertise with the ever-changing technologies in the functional test fixtures industry.

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