EMC Tech Custom Testing Solutions: Functional Test Fixtures

custom testing solutionsFunctional test fixtures are used to validate that a specific product, part, or component is free of any defects that might negatively impact proper function within a system application. Custom testing solutions are sometimes required, either due to advanced technology or unique demands for a particular product. Wireless test fixtures – and, in some cases, discretely wired fixtures – are used to conduct testing to verify the function and behavior of a printed circuit board or PCB. Many different industries rely on EMC Technologies to support their needs to custom functional test fixtures and solutions. The sooner we can start working with a client on the development of custom testing solutions, the better the results will be for the finished product.

Highly Custom Interface Test Adapters

In our work with military, aerospace, defense, and other advanced industries, our team has been able to design and manufacture highly customized interface test adapters or ITAs to support custom testing solutions requirements. We believe that by having such a diverse array of demanding customers and challenging products, our team will be able to stay current with the latest testing requirements. In addition, advanced training for every member of our team, including both the engineers and technicians, helps us to prepare for whatever comes next. Smaller targets, faster speeds, new technologies, and increased company outsourcing are just some of the challenges that we face together with our clients as the future unfolds.

The functional test interface goes directly to the PCB under test through the test point or connector. The testing that is performed is designed to stimulate the electrical environment in which the printed circuit board was designed and intended to be used. Depending on the needs of the project and client, there are some very basic and extremely sophisticated functional test fixtures that can be used to test the PCB and run it through a range of operational tests. It is essential for the custom testing solutions to also simulate the intended operating environment for the product. This ensures minimized costs for testing equipment and data collection to avoid any possible issues with temperature and other conditions, eliminating the need for a more costly system to save both time and money in development.

Custom Testing Solutions for Industry

EMC Technologies works with each client to develop custom testing solutions based on their individual needs for testing printed circuit boards and other sub-components. The closer we can work with each customer through the experience, knowledge, and skills of our engineering team, the more effectively we can create functional test fixtures to meet their specifications and any industry requirements. A properly designed testing solution will be able to check all of the vital aspects of the design and function of the product to increase productivity and provide more effective and efficient results. Additional options may also be available to allow for the testing of similar products to boost value and production for the client as technology expands and changes in the future.

When it comes to printed circuit boards, our designers can accommodate PCB requirements ranging from simple double-sided products to more complicated, multi-layer designs. The customer can provide us with their requirements and have us develop the PCBs entirely in-house by our PCB engineers and technicians, or we can create them directly from specifications. We use PADS and Allegro format for our PCB designs and use the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards as an integral component of the functional test interface adapter. This helps us to significantly reduce debugging time, create more cost-effective exact duplicates of interface test adapters, and ensure ease of maintenance for high-volume testing for better results.

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If you are interested in learning more about our custom testing solutions or would like to speak with one of our engineering team members about your needs for functional test fixtures, contact EMC Technologies directly by calling 508-672-0808. We are located in Southeastern Massachusetts and serve clients throughout New England, across the country, and around the globe. We can create custom wireless test fixtures designed specifically to suit your needs. Call today to get a free estimate or begin working with one of our sales engineers to get the ball rolling on your custom testing project.