Electronic Test Industry Solutions: Military & Defense Industry

military and defenseWhat kinds of businesses depend on the electronic test industry the most? Some may be clear, like consumer goods, but others may come as a surprise. A lot of different businesses depend on being able to build and make their own interface test adapters and functional test solutions. When you work with EMC Technologies, you can get a general or mobile test station, wired or wireless testing solutions, printed circuit board (PCB) kits, or even options that are made just for you.

Military and Defense Testing

In 1997, the engineers and the business that would become EMC Technologies were experts at making unique solutions for clients in the military and defense. In fact, our first focus was only on meeting the military’s practical test needs. We started out with a mix of military customers, military security companies, and business customers. We now develop and make products for a wide range of defense and military clients. We are very proud of the innovative work we have done in creating highly customized interface test adapters (ITAs) to help military airplane programs and multilateral missile programs.

One benefit we’ve shared with our customers is that we’ve been able to work with businesses outside of security and the military. We stay up to date on the latest testing techniques thanks to a wide range of picky customers, tough goods, and cutting-edge technology. In the electronic test business, some of the things we’re best at are high speed, tight tolerance, test racks for global and mobile test station solutions, RF test fixtures, and temperature. What kinds of projects have you worked on? We’re sure that they have made us even more useful to our military and defense clients.

Wireless Testing Solutions for Electronics

In the past few years, both of these fields have grown very quickly. As the electronic test industry has grown, so have their needs for custom designing and making working test tools and interface test adapters. This makes them an important part of the industry’s progress. It seems like new consumer and business goods and solutions are made every day that are faster, smaller, and more flexible. Our universal and mobile test station options have access screens that can be taken off. This makes them more flexible and easy to use as the industry grows and changes. When it comes to data and connections, test methods will often need to be very flexible. They also need to be cheap and easy to change for complex and large-scale tests.

The computer server business is another one where we’ve made a lot of progress. Our team can help, whether it’s for a small business with just one server or a big company with a whole server room that needs unique design and manufacturing. Our team has a big benefit over the others because our members are smart, trained, and have a lot of experience. To meet our clients’ test, time, and cost requirements, we work together to build both hardware and software at the same time. Mobile computer-based test stations let you use a lot of different test solutions at very low prices. On the other hand, a universal test station is usually the best choice for exact test solutions that can be done on similar product types and setups.

Interface Test Adapters for Medical Equipment

Medical and biological test solutions usually need to go through a lot of proof and acceptance testing to make sure they meet rules and regulations. We want to meet or beat industry standards and customer expectations by designing and making unique universal and mobile test station solutions, printed circuit board (PCB) solutions, interface test adapters, and other solutions for the electronic test industry. A lot of the time, new products and older products will share the same test tools. This saves writers money and time on testing. There are also test-specific areas that give you choices and make sure you meet a number of business standards.

You can read more about mobile test stations, general test stations, and test-specific testing stations on our Test Systems and Integration page. We also have films that show an overview of the test system used for designing and making test stations, functional test fixtures, and interface test adapters for the electronic test business. Call us at 508-672-0808 or fill out our online form to get in touch with our sales team and get a FREE quote for our services or to find out more about what EMC Technologies has to offer.