custom test solutions for industryAt EMC Technologies, we provide professional services to develop custom functional testing solutions for military, aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, and other rapidly advancing tech-based industries. Providing custom test solutions for telecommunications and networking is quite different than the work we do for the military and defense sectors. However, the experience that we gain with electronic test industry skills and techniques with each client helps us to have new insight and knowledge that we can share with our other customers. By overcoming these challenges, during the development, production, and post-production phases, we are able to help our clients create faster, smaller, more cost-effective solutions that will help them to build their brand, reputation, and credibility in the industry that they serve.

Functional Test Fixtures

Some of the challenges that we help our clients to overcome include packaging issues and preventing signal interferences due to components being in close proximity. Many of the small devices used regularly by consumers and professionals in commercial or industrial settings require increased testing due to the inclusion of more integrated components within a limited space. Testing for function in an environment that mimics the intended use and end-user of the product is essential for success. Improper functioning of individual components, issues with inductive or capacitive coupling, and signal interferences could result in safety, performance, and functional issues in the finished product. We work with our clients to identify the types of issues that are most likely to impact their devices or components and look for ways to use custom functional testing solutions to weed them out as early as possible.

The sooner we can identify issues through custom test solutions, the earlier our clients will be able to make the changes necessary to overcome them. Early identification and correction can reduce costs associated with having to stop production to repair issues later. We help them to test products and offer diverse testing equipment for each component. Our many years of experience working in the electronic test industry gives us an advantage that we pass onto our clients to help them use the best type of testing equipment and techniques to identify the potential issues that matter most to the success of their product. Tighter tolerances, smaller devices, faster speeds, temperature, and other factors require rigorous testing before a product is launched to consumers or provided to commercial and industrial end-users. Not only does this help our clients to save time and money, but we also work to create affordable and versatile functional test fixtures and solutions to increase cost-effectiveness.

Custom Test Solutions for New Technologies

As the demand for smarter and faster products continues to grow, we are frequently looking at the development of custom functional testing options for new technologies that we haven’t seen before in the electronic test industry. However, due to our vast experience with custom test solutions for other markets, we have been able to rise to the challenge and help our clients with intuitive, functional test fixtures that exceed expectations. Mobile and universal test stations can help to adapt and evolve the testing parameters to meet our clients’ needs and help reduce costs for developing test-specific solutions. Modular testing equipment can be helpful compared to other rack-based solutions. Test systems and integration play a crucial role in the development of highly flexible test solutions that can be adapted or used for high-volume testing.

Different industries have unique requirements, as we have seen over the years in our development of custom test solutions. For example, the medical and semiconductor industries often share similarities, such as the need for rigorous validation and acceptance testing to ensure that the parts and components that come from their suppliers will match or exceed their internal requirements. Telecommunications and networking industries frequently require our team to develop testing solutions that are highly flexible to meet their ever-changing and growing needs. This is why we hire trained, experienced, and skilled engineers and technicians who work with the customer every step of the way from the design phase all the way through to post-production. We can offer them solutions designed specifically for their needs, to meet the challenges of an evolving industry, requirements of their intended end-user, and any government or safety regulations along the way.

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