Electronic Test IndustryFor many different industries, functional testing is performed as a means of testing out specific features or functions of a product, application, or software. One of the best ways to ensure proper testing and consistency is to have a plan. Any type of functionality is tested through a means of providing inputs and observing outputs. The actual results are then compared against the expected ones to provide an effective evaluation. All possibilities of the functional test interface are included in the test, including failure and boundary conditions. The more you can do to actively ensure the accuracy of electronic test industry devices and testing procedures, the more you can rely on the results.

Step One: Know What You Need for Testing

The first thing you need to do is to gather all of the data regarding the test that will need to be performed, as well as the plan or procedure that will be used for the testing. EMC Technologies can develop custom functional test fixtures that can be used based on the unique needs and specifications of the client. However, our functional test division development team needs to collect all of the information required for testing to determine the best options for the test.

Step Two: Formulate a Plan

The plan that you create for testing your product should include all goals and the overall scope of testing. All of the tools, such as hardware and software, that will be required for the testing should also be considered. Test cases should be established to perform testing, based on input data gathered from the specifications of the product’s anticipated function. Make sure to review the test plans and formulate a final plan for testing.

Step Three: Perform the Test

The next step provides actual testing to verify the function of the product, which can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the product. Any issues that come up, as well as any solutions that were discovered, should be well documented for the functional test division to consider and analyze.

Step Four: Develop Automated Testing

The electronic test industry provides manufacturers and product developers with the opportunity to increase data collected from functional testing. Not only will this work to improve the quality of the product in question, but it will also save the technician valuable time. Automated testing is worth the investment. The development of a functional test interface and test station based on your unique requirements can help to increase the benefits for the final product.

Step Five: Collect and Store Data

It is essential to the success of the test to collect and save all data to a data storage system. EMC Technologies has solutions that we provide to our customers for this purpose. The functional test division can recommend a data storage system that will provide you with the service that you need to effectively and efficiently collect data. A centralized data storage system can be accessed by all technicians and will better manage all of the collected data to reduce repetition and other common issues associated with functional testing of products.

Step Six: Reports and Analysis

The final stage is to ensure that when you select options for your functional test interface and data storage system, that you have the ability to create a test report that will provide a summary of all testing and provide details about the process. Reports should be in the client’s preferred format and be presented in a simple, straight-forward manner for clear understanding by the entire team. Analysis of report data should also be conducted to improve product development and increase production success.

EMC Technologies & the Electronic Test Industry

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