Designing Functional Testing for Industry at EMC Technologies

functional testing for industryOur printed wiring board (PWB) and printed circuit board (PCB) designs at EMC Technologies can meet needs ranging from simple double-sided designs to complicated multi-layer solutions. Our team can provide design and testing services for printed circuit boards (PCBs), as well as fabrication, assembly, and testing to guarantee that everything meets the customer’s criteria. Our staff provides exceptional bespoke solutions for all of your industry’s demands, from basic tasks to the most complicated fixtures. We have a full group of engineers and technicians that specialize in particular areas of functional testing, such as the creation of specialized test solutions for new technologies and standard printed circuit board testing. Whatever your requirements, EMC Technologies can assist you in achieving your objectives.

PCB Test Fixtures for Industry

The design and development of basic and complicated PCBs is one of the several ways in which we serve our clients. The functional test fixture business relies heavily on printed circuit board testing and advanced or bespoke testing for PCBs. We go much beyond the simple box approach of many contract designers and manufacturers to provide our clients full-service solutions that treat each project as a whole system. Our printed circuit board testing designs can be derived directly from a client’s specifications or created in-house by EMC Technologies personnel. Depending on client demands, PCB designs are delivered to customers in either PADS or Allegro format.

We develop and fabricate PCBs and PWBs as an important part of the interface test adapter for a variety of reasons. This solution provides us with a number of benefits, including a reduction in debugging time due to improved signal integrity and repeatability, as well as the ability to produce identical replicas of the interface test adapters more quickly and at a lower cost. Improvements to organization or relays, power or ground busses, and signal conditioning components are further advantages. Designing, producing, and testing printed circuit boards in-house as part of a connector saving adapter card enables us to improve maintenance for high-volume testing.

Performance Verification Testing

Our diverse experience and background over the years is another key to our success and the reason why we have so many delighted clients. While the primary goal of EMC Technologies was to build bespoke test solutions for the functional testing requirements of the military and defense sectors, we have since grown and diversified to serve a variety of military, military contractors, and commercial clients. We are able to remain abreast of the most recent testing developments, technologies, and industry demands of our clients since we have such a diverse array of demanding customers and complex goods.

EMC Technologies specializes in high speeds, tight tolerances, temperature, test racks, and RF test fixtures, among other specialized fields. Having the capacity to design, develop, and produce PCBs for our bespoke test solutions increases our value to clients. Recent commercial uses of ours have included innovative work in the medical, networking, telecommunications, computer server, and satellite TV/IP sectors. Having a fully-equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department on-site enables us to deliver a variety of design and production services to our clients, therefore reducing lead times and ensuring the highest quality outcomes.

Consult with EMC Technologies

Many of our clients view us as a collaborator in addressing their testing difficulties. Whether you need printed circuit board testing as part of a bigger project or customized functional test solutions for new and unique products, we can assist you in reaching your objectives. Smaller objectives, quicker speeds, new technology, and a rise in business outsourcing are a few of the issues we confront with our clients. Every EMC Technologies team member, from sales to testing, undergoes ongoing training to guarantee that we are on the bleeding edge of the constantly evolving technology intrinsic to the functional test sector. Call us at 508-672-0808 if you would like to learn more about the numerous services we offer for the design, fabrication, and testing of PCBs, PWBs, and specialized test solutions for industry. We are ISO 9001:2015-certified, ITAR-registered, and prepared to assist you with all your functional testing requirements.