custom wiring solutionsMany of our clients depend on custom wiring solutions and cables for power and signal transmission. While there are many excellent options available for standard products, certain industries and developments necessitate the need for a custom solution. Our work in the functional test industry and experience with printed circuit board testing proved to be a natural segue into the need for developing custom wiring and cable solutions for our clients. The skills and background that our team of experienced and professionally trained technicians possess have helped EMC Technologies to fabricate nearly any type of cable or custom wiring solutions. Our technicians are certified to the J-STD-001 standard biannually and have an excellent understanding of the demands posed by our military clients and customers who serve other essential industries.

Mil-Spec Wire and Cable

Our background in working with military, defense, and military contractor clients has helped our team to become extremely proficient in the development of custom wiring solutions that meet or exceed military standards. The term Mil-spec refers to military specifications and standards for various parts and components, specifically wire and cable, in this instance. These high standards are not just used by the military and military-related applications, but also by other industries which demand high quality, repeatable, and reliable results. Wiring and cable are developed based on a specific use or environmental demand, including extreme temperatures, flame resistance, marine conditions, and aerospace requirements.

Insulating materials, internal and external wiring applications, heavy-duty vehicles, aircraft electrical wiring, shielded and non-shielded requirements, and vibration-resistant solutions are common within these industries. Fiber optic cables, special purpose cables, and other best commercial practices standards are just some of the work that we do at EMC Technologies. Automated cutting and crimping, continuity, and Hipot testing, as well as other types of custom wiring solutions testing, are available. Our team is experienced with the most popular connections and contacts and has many years of experience working with unique challenges and environments for our clients. From simple projects to sophisticated fixtures, we can deliver superior custom wiring solutions for all of your needs.

Highly Flexible Test Solutions

One of the reasons why we go above and beyond to serve our clients in the functional test industry with custom wiring, cabling, and printed circuit board testing and development is because we love a good challenge. Many industries, including data and telecommunications, require users to develop highly flexible test solutions for mobile test station solutions that are cost-effective and easily adaptable. The services that we provide can be extremely complicated to meet the specific needs of the client and can offer rigorous validation, acceptance testing, high-volume testing, and meet all time, cost, and test constraints. We understand the needs of our customers and work closely with them to develop solutions that will exceed their expectations.

Some of the features of our mobile test station solutions include well-organized and documented station wiring and configurations. Our experience has shown us that custom wiring solutions that offer the use of modular electrical and mechanical interfaces, along with designed-in fast access to all inside resources, are required for many areas of the functional test industry. Our mobile test station projects include built-in network and fiber optic capabilities, computer, monitor, and test interfaces to maximize the abilities of the operator. Many of these solutions feature hardware and software that is developed simultaneously to help streamline the process and maximize results.

What We Do

EMC Technologies goes above and beyond to design and manufacture wireless and wired functional test industry equipment for printed circuit board testing and assemblies within many unique applications. We are proud to serve clients who work in the military, aerospace, defense, satellite, data and telecommunications, medical, and consumer electronics industries and help them with their custom wiring solutions and other needs. Universal and mobile test station options, special challenges with temperature, tight tolerance, RF testing, and high speeds, as well as new technology trends, are just some of the areas in which we are the most proficient. Our turn-key solutions for functional test products for VXI and PXI applications, as well as options for Agilent, Teradyne, and Virginia Panel interface connectors and platforms, are also very much in demand.

Our facility features a fully equipped machine shop and electro-mechanical assembly department that is capable of managing the most demanding requirements. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced engineers who specialize in the fields of mechanical, electrical, and printed circuit board technologies. We work with the latest design tools and equipment to provide the best solutions and services for our customers. To learn more about what we do or to speak with an engineer about your project, contact EMC Technologies by calling 508-672-0808.